The atmosphere at Monaco Nail Academy is one of warmth and welcome. Build relationships that will support and encourage your career. Make friends that will last a lifetime. All the while, work with Educators who understand the leap you’ve made and who will provide the most in-depth education available to Nail Professionals in New Zealand.



Don't take our word for it – see what our Graduates have to say.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Monaco. I would highly recommend Monaco. I have had such an awesome experience training with them. The educators are so supportive and everyone has been so friendly. Love them!!"

Sharon Cage

"So that it, I am now a fully qualified nail technician thanks to Monaco. The level of teaching and knowledge shown by the educators is second to none. The Foundation Course covers everything and more that you will need to become a well skilled Nail Tech. When you sign-up with Monaco you are gaining more than just a qualification, you have ongoing support, access to amazing products and a chance to meet some fantastic people. I have loved my Monaco journey so far and I'm sure it's not over yet (there are at least 3 advanced classes I'm eyeing up). I spent about 6 months trying to find a nail course that would fit around life commitments and Monaco's flexible approach was perfect for me. By far the best value for money for a qualification. Thanks x"

Louise Wareham

"So much to say, I don't know where to begin.. LOVED studying with Monaco! The entire team is enthusiastic, supportive, happy and fun! Always willing to help / troubleshoot - no question is too big or too small for these ladies. Can't wait to do the up skill classes with Monaco :D"

Annalise Oxley

"I completed the IBX training in Tauranga on Monday night. The course was awesome! Loved the chemistry lesson Penny spoke in a way that was down to earth relaxed and totally understandable. I'm looking forward to doing a few more classes especially a chemistry class"

Steph Lines

"I really enjoyed this course and I'd have to say enrolling at Monaco Nail Academy is one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. The training was very in depth and more than what I expected. All of the educators were very professional, lovely, accommodating, supportive and great teachers who taught me heaps of informative things that will be handy for when I go out on my own. If it wasn't for this course, I wouldn't have landed an amazing job opportunity in the nail industry! So, thank you so much Monaco Nail Academy!"

Abby Tamase

"A HUGE thanks to Penny and Toni for the awesome Perfect Dip class last night, I got all I was hoping for plus some, you ladies are amazing educators with a wealth of knowledge others simply don't have. You rock it"

Vana Bowyer

"I am a "researcher" by nature, i evaluate EVERYTHING i am going to spend money on and weigh up the pros and cons before purchasing. Having completed two, 4 day modules with Monaco now, I can confidently say that they do genuinely give a damn about the quality of their education. They care about your feedback and work to improve as a result. I have been converted from a skeptic to a supporter and that's no easy feat ;)"

Catherine Dearlove

"Fantastic!! Penny and her team are amazing! So patient, great critique, approachable, and make everything fun and interesting. So thorough -and they are so passionate about nails. Totally recommend-have walked out feeling confident and inspired. Can't wait to do more courses with them!"

Angela London

"Thank you Monaco! Today (after 9 months training) I am a Monaco Graduate. I am so appreciative of your approach to Nail Tech Training. It was really important to me that I learned how to be a safe, responsible and informed Technician, providing nail 'care' alongside nail 'enhancement'. I am proud to tell clients I am Monaco Trained and confident that I am providing a quality service. The skill and enthusiasm of Monaco Educators is motivating, comforting and inspirational. I was a 'mature' student following & indulging a passion & new start, as a career I have loved, came to a close. Being a learner again has been such a blast and a really valuable insight into who I am and what is next for me. Thank you."

Trish Alston-Fairgray

"Just finishing up my study with Monaco and I have absolutely loved it! The enthusiasm and experience really shows through the whole team! Not to mention all the support that I have received. Thank you guys, I wouldn't go anywhere else!"

Toni Clinton

"I absolutely loved the learning experience provided by Penny and the team at Monaco. A brilliant learning environment and 100% percent confidence I was learning from the best. Penny is so inclusive and goes above and beyond to ensure you get the best out of your education." - Emma now provides mobile nail services through her business FIXY while being Mum to her adorable little boy."


"I loved doing the novice course at Monaco. My Educators taught me so much using the Artistic products. Their attention to detail has given me the skills to become a confident nail technician who is proud of my work." - Tegan went on to open her own salon in Hamilton."

Tegan, The Nail & Beauty Studio

"This course has been amazing and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Help is always at hand and no question is too big or small. One of the things I really like is at the end of each day we are asked what we liked and didn't like and what could have been better. This shows to me that they are constantly wanting to better the experience for us and future students that walk through the doors. I can honestly say that for anyone looking into entering the Nail industry that Monaco is the place to be."

Amanda Moore

"It was an amazing experience! 7 weeks of training, 7 weeks of fun and creativity. Thanks to the team of Monaco... The first three words that come to mind - practice, support and fun. Lots of fun ... Everything is very well organised, we had everything that we needed, high-quality products, strict rules that allow you to feel confident in the end, and personal attention."

Olga King

"The girls are so informative and make everyone feel so welcome no matter where you're from. Being professional is extremely important to them and I love that they still give advice even after the studying's over."

Tahseen Paleker

"I have just finished 2 days training and came home this evening to finish off my nails that had a mixture of French and Natural extensions done in Rock Hard Gel and Acrylic and could not get over the improvement of my acrylic and the Perfecting Gel Polish course has certainly helped me perfect my gel polish application. Thank you so much ladies. Your trip to Chch was definitely appreciated and I am stoked with the things I have learnt this weekend. Can't wait for my clients to arrive tomorrow to be WOWED as well."

Adelle Brown

"All the staff (Penny, Jasmine, Alicia and Rachel) are so supportive and such a delight. My colleagues in training are wonderful, helpful and are doing awesome work. I really love every minute of this course and get more and more excited about it every day. Thank you lovely ladies!"

Sandy Bakker

"I thought it was absolutely amazing!!! I liked the introductions, it made me feel less shy and also how the nail art was broken down, made it super easy and enjoyable. The day went by way too fast! I found it incredibly easy to learn. I really don't know what to say to improve, it was the most amazing workshop type day I've ever been to!"

Alicia Prestney

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