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Toni Clinton

Training Coordinator

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I’m Toni and I am the Training Coordinator here at Monaco Nail Academy. I trained as a Nail Technician in 2015 and I have never looked back! I love that as a Nail Tech you can completely transform somebody’s nails but that our industry has so much depth too - I am a complete nerd and LOVE finding out about the chemistry behind a product and how it really works.

Having trained through Monaco originally, I can relate to my students – I had to sit my Acrylic Assessment twice, so if you’re struggling, I’ve been there. Through the support of my Educators though, I not only passed my second attempt but also got the second highest score across the entire student body for that year.

Around 12 months later, I was asked join Team Monaco. I started out managing the administration of our Novice Classes and I now specialize in beginner-level acrylic training as well. You’ll see me most often in Modules Two and Four, sharing my passion, getting you started and helping you prep for Assessments.

Behind the scenes I’m a junk food junkie who loves Netflix or a really good book. Ask anyone where they saw me last and there’s a good chance they’ll point to the nearest KFC. Luckily I’ve paired my saturated fat addiction with a lifelong involvement in Athletics, including coaching. That experience has meant that not only has my metabolism yet to let me down (knock on wood!) but I have a wealth of experience in motivating and guiding people to do their very best. I can’t wait to see you in class and show you what you’re capable of.

You can see a Gallery of work done by myself and the other Monaco Educators here.

If you need to contact me directly, you can email me

x Toni

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