Colour Gloss Certification – "The Art of Perfect Polish"

  • Date Coming soon!
  • Time 1pm-5pm
  • Duration 4 Hours
  • Prerequisites Module One or a Nationally recognised Nail Certification or Beauty Therapy Diploma
  • Location 163A Marua Road, Ellerslie (Above Crossfit East Auckland)
  • Cost $99.00

What will I learn?

'The Art of Perfect Polish' is a half-day workshop focussed on perfecting your work with Artistic Colour Gloss Gel Polish.

  • Go right back to basics, briefly revisiting natural nail prep and product chemistry.
  • 'The Art of Perfect Polish' focusses on standard application, French application, and customised colours.
  • Cover maintenance and removal, learn to troubleshoot and touch on a couple of Nail Art Techniques only possible with Gel Polish.

Why Artistic Colour Gloss?

Artistic Colour Gloss is a Gel Polish that not only dries instantly but also lasts for up to 21 days without chipping, fading or dulling. It can be applied directly to natural nails, or over Acrylic or Gel.

Just like a traditional polish, Colour Gloss comes in a bottle, with a twist-on cap and applicator brush. The colour glides beautifully on to finger and toe nails, then just like gel, it is lamp cured to dry in only seconds.

A quick soak is all that is needed for removal or it can be rebalanced - with no damage to the natural nail.

I know it all sounds great, but why should you really use ACG? I changed because it's just so damn easy. ACG does what it says it will, which means happier clients and a more profitable business.

What should I bring?

First things first - please 'bring' naked nails, as we work on each other during the day. Other than that, pack everything you would use to do a Gel Polish Manicure. More specifically -

And if you have them -

If you run out of anything, plenty of stock will be available to purchase on the day.

Don't worry if you don't use Artistic though - bring your own products with you on the day and we'll share ours too. This class is product specific, but you will still learn a lot if you don't plan on using Artistic.

Do I get a certificate?

You will do, yes! All Certificates are ordered upon completion of the course and your certificate will be sent out to you when it arrives.

What do I get for my money?

Confidence! Plus we know you want the certificate. But in all seriousness, this class is going to take you right back to basics with your Gel Polish work, refine every single step of your Acrylic application and troubleshoot any issues you've been having, big or small. We've had countless people do this course 'just for the certificate' and then have several A-Ha moments throughout the workshop as they realise it's not as straight forward as they thought and that actually that little niggly issue they've been having was easily fixed and not just because these things 'happen'. It's a great workshop for people that have finished Beginner Training to refresh their new learning but it's also great for people all the way up to competition level to push themselves further. There's a little bit of nail art thrown in but really the biggest perk is the troubleshooting. If you have crazy high standards and want to seriously perfect your work, this is a great class for you.

Course Plan -


Get to know Monaco Nail Academy, your educator, your fellow students and of course the wonderful course you will be immersed in for the next while. We also just want to say THANK YOU for choosing Monaco – we know you have made sacrifices to be able to put your money towards this course and we will do our best to make sure you go away inspired, motivated and with many new found skills.

Introduction to Colour Gloss

Get a brief history of UV Gel, discover why we choose to advocate Colour Gloss over any other brand and how you can market this product to your clients.

Application Demos

See standard and French application on natural nails, learn about Correction Gel, layered and mixed custom colours and how to prevent undercuring. See how easy it is to do Nail Art with Gel Polish before going through a few troubleshooting tips and tricks.

Practice Time

Practice application from start to finish while your Educator watches and assists with potential bad habits, troubleshooting and improving technique for speed and quality.


Learn how to safely remove Gel Polish and how to maintain a Manicure without removal if necessary.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice removal and maintenance with your Educator so that you go home confident and assured. That’s what this class is really about – refining the skills you already have to eliminate small issues, improve your speed, increase client satisfaction and change your confidence levels dramatically.

How do I sign up?
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