Basic Gel Technology

Terms & Conditions

I know it's normal to skim the T&C's but this is not a copy and paste template - please do read and make sure you understand all of the below.

  1. Attendance -
    1. Attendance at all lessons is compulsory.
    2. Missed classes for any reason including illness will be treated with the same terms and conditions as a 'Cancellation' (see below). We understand you can't plan for your illness but neither can we, and with small class sizes a refund resulting from your illness would mean up to a 25% loss for us.
    3. If you really cannot attend a lesson for any reason, it will need to be rebooked one-on-one at a cost of $80 per hour inc. GST.
    4. If you cannot attend a lesson without advance warning, please use the Novice/Grads Facebook Group to advise of this. We have different educators on different days and no phone line in the classroom so if you post in there anyone who needs to see it, will.
    5. Unless specified otherwise in the Reminder Email you are sent a week before class starts, the address for class is 163A Marua Road, Ellerslie. Unit A is the last down the driveway. Continue past the last block of shops and we are on the right. There is plenty of car parking down the driveway with space for an extra row of cars to be added if needed.
  2. Cancellations/Withdrawals
    1. Once paid, course fees are non-refundable unless we are able to run the class at full capacity (in most cases we would have to fill your spot to do so).
    2. 'Full capacity' means 6, 12 or 18 students depending on the class.
    3. 'Full Capacity' also means paying students - we will endeavour to fill your spot with a paying student up until 14 days prior to course commencement after which we reserve the right to fill your spot with someone who has requested to repeat a class for free. We will not provide you with a refund in this case.
    4. All cancellation applications must be made, in writing, to
    5. Any accepted refund applications will be paid out on the 20th of the following month
    6. If your cancellation request is denied (e.g. we are unable to run at full capacity as defined above), your fees will be forfeited and you will need to re-enrol in the class at full price.
  3. No Shows
    1. The attendance and cancellation terms above apply in full to no-shows
    2. This means that if you do not turn up to a class you were enrolled in, all funds are forfeited and you will need to re-enrol at full price.
    3. No exceptional circumstances will be taken into account and the terms above are final.
  4. Deferring your Enrolment
    1. If you are unable to attend the date you originally enrolled in, you may be able to defer to another date rather than cancelling altogether.
    2. Deferment applications require a minimum of 21 days notice (before course commencement), in writing, to
    3. Deferment applications with less than 21 days notice will not be accepted unless we are able to run the class at full capacity (in most cases we would have to fill your spot to do so). 'Full capacity' means 6, 12 or 18 students depending on the class.
    4. All qualification requirements including classes must still be completed within 12 months of the original intended start date.
    5. All accepted deferment applications will incur an administration fee of $99, payable immediately upon acceptance.
    6. Failure to pay within 48 hours of acceptance will result in the Deferment being revoked and the cancellation terms applying.
  5. Repeating Classes for Free
    1. Free repeat classes are not available with the Basic Gel Technology course.
  6. Assessments
    1. There are three Assessments for this course - Theory, Practical Gel Polish, and Practical Hard Gel.
    2. You can repeat each assessment as many times as you like, for free.
    3. The Theory Assessment is to be completed from home via this link - By accepting these terms you also accept the terms on the first page of the Assessment.
    4. Practical Assessments can be completed by attending scheduled Assessment Sessions, usually an evening from 5.30-8.30pm. These will be advertised in the Novice/Grads Facebook Group and nowhere else. You can also choose to attend three days of Module Four for $599, covering Refresher Training as well as your practical Assessments.
    5. The pass mark for each Assessment is 80% with no exceptions
    6. All Assessments must be passed within your 6 month Study Period (the 6 months from Course Commencement), with no exceptions.
    7. We anticipate that most students will attempt the Practical Assessments around three times before passing. The pass mark is high and the feedback given at the end of each Assessment is designed to guide you through your practice. It is for this reason we recommend sitting Assessments as soon as you are able, even if you do not feel ready. Even if you get a low mark, you will learn something.
  7. Models
    1. You are expected to source your own models for all classes that require them. When you enrol, you will be granted access to the Novice/Grads Facebook Group run by Monaco Nail Academy. Within this group, Course Plans are kept in the Files Tab.
    2. Course Plans list the dates and times models are required
    3. A sheet giving tips on finding models (including from out of town if you are travelling for your course) is also provided.
    4. You only need one model between two students - use the Facebook Group to communicate with other students and coordinate sharing. Space does not allow for exceptions to this.
  8. Certificates
    1. When you meet the criteria of Basic Gel Technology, you will receive a Monaco certificate.
    2. If you complete any Advanced classes before you complete the requirements of your certificate, these certificates will be withheld until you complete your qualification.
  9. Product
    1. We do not supply product kits, but for a very good reason - during training you use our product, get to know what you like and don't like, decide what you need and don't need, and then we teach you how to choose suppliers and product and how to order for yourself - something no one else teaches! We just decided we didn't want to be choosing how you spend your money by selling you stuff you don't need. You will use our products during class, which means when you do buy product you make money off all of it instead of using it up on free models, and we've also sourced student discounts for you that actually make the product cheaper in the long run.
    2. At the start of each class you will be required to sign out a set of products. At sign out, you agree that 'I have taken possession of the ticked items above and take responsibility for returning them in the described condition (with the exception of expected usage). Should anything change condition in my care (for example breakages, spillages), I will pay 60% of the value before leaving today, and will take ownership of the item in question.'
    3. Our recommended kit lists are in the Files Tab of the Novice/Grads Facebook Group but we recommend waiting until you start training to make any purchases. You require a Student Confirmation letter to make purchases and this will be sent to you once your payment is processed.
  10. Course Fees
    1. Once your enrolment is processed, you will receive an invoice via email
    2. Your place in the course will be held for 48 hours to allow for payment after which your enrolment will be reversed and the place made available for someone else.
    3. As we run at very small class sizes and therefore at small margins there are no exceptions to this as we cannot risk turning away other enrolments while we wait for full payment.
    4. Payment can be made by bank transfer to Monaco Nail Artists Ltd, ASB 12-3233-0616846-05 with your invoice number as a reference. Other forms of payment can be accepted by prior arrangement. Call (09) 574 5573 to request another option.
    5. Temporary Clause - When you complete this enrolment form, a confirmation screen will appear advising that you can pay 7 days prior to the course. Please note that NO terms other than those listed on this page apply to this course. We are working with our web team to amend this error.
  11. Payment Plans
    1. Payment Plans may be accepted at our discretion, requested in advance of enrolment by writing to
    2. Payment Plan terms still require the course fees to be paid in full prior to course commencement.
    3. An agreement of equal weekly installments to be made between the date of enrolment and the date of course commencement will be put in place
    4. Any missed payments will result in immediate withdrawal of the Payment Plan and full payment will be required within 48 hours to keep your place. Failure to do so will result in cancellation terms listed above being enforced without exception.
  12. Completing your Qualification
    1. In order to receive your qualification you must attend all classes in full, pass all three assessments listed in the above terms, and complete a Portfolio of work.
    2. All Assessment require a mark of 80% or higher to pass
    3. Portfolio Submissions are submitted all at once. You will receive feedback but you cannot pass or fail the submission as long as the criteria on the first page are met. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you also agree to the criteria of the Portfolio.
    4. You have 6 months from the date of Course Commencement to complete all criteria. That is 183 days to complete 6 days of training, 2 Practical Assessments and 20 clients (for the Portfolio). Please plan ahead and manage your time wisely. NO EXCEPTIONS OR EXTENSIONS WILL BE GRANTED.
    5. As a adult student, do not expect reminders from us. It is your responsibility to manage your time.
  13. Expectations
    1. As you are learning, please place reasonable expectations on yourself – not every set will last as long as they are meant to when applied with experience. This doesn't mean you're no good or you haven't learnt anything - when you first learnt to drive you were probably terrible. When you passed your test you were good enough - but compared to now? Experience and practice are everything.
    2. If you need extra help, there is lots available - it is your responsibility to ask for it.
    3. Your fees cover 48 hours of training, access to our Novice/Grads Facebook Group, a weekly live stream by one of our Educators, an online workbook, and free assessment resits within the realms of the Terms and Conditions above.
    4. The 48 hours of training are supplied within the structure of scheduled classes and not to be expected outside of this.
    5. You will have access to the Novice/Grads Facebook Group for as long as you are either a student or graduate. Should you withdraw or not complete your qualification, you will be removed. Nastiness and anti-competitive behaviour will not be tolerated and we reserve the right to remove individuals from the group at our discretion. Information provided within the group is copyrighted by Monaco Nail Academy and individuals found sharing it with non-group-members will be removed and our right to pursue court action for copyright infringement may be invoked. In saying that, we've never had to remove people for any reason other than non-completion before - we just reserve the right to protect the wonderful community we currently have.
    6. The time, date and length of the livestream classes are at our discretion and subject to change. Our commitment is to 52 per year. These are within the Facebook Group so if you leave or are removed for any reason, you will lose access to these..
  14. General Information
    1. Please complete this Learning Styles quiz and write down the results before you start your first class -…/learning-styles-quiz.shtml
    2. There is a Facebook Event for each specific class. They can be found on our public page Monaco Nail Academy here -
    3. Unless specified otherwise in the Reminder Email you are sent a week before class starts, the address for class is 520 Great South Road, Greenlane. We are located within the Every Woman Gym - just go in the front door and turn immediately to your left. There is plenty of parking on the side streets but please do not use the Every Woman Gym carpark. Monaco Nail Academy will not be held responsible for fines or other penalties incurred for incorrect parking at any location.
    4. It is imperative that you join the Novice/Grads Facebook Group as soon as possible. This is our primary point of communication.
    5. Course Plans can be found in the Files Tab at the top of the Novice/Grads Group on Facebook. They include class start and finish times, break times and model details.
    6. We list all of you here and refer the MANY media enquiries we get to that link. To be included, go to the Files Tab of the Novice/Grads Facebook Group and find the file called Graduate Salons. Complete it and email to
    7. The Admins of the Novice/Grads Facebook Group are Penny Lawler, Toni Clinton and Janelle Raffles. Please do not Private Message them. You can use the group or email
    8. There is a separate group - - where you can be the first to know about Advanced Classes and Product Specials
  15. In Conclusion
    1. The Terms and Conditions listed above cover this and all future enrolments with Monaco Nail Academy.
    2. This means if you can request to add additional Modules to your enrolment via email, phone or other means, these Terms and Conditions apply.
    3. If the Terms and Conditions are updated after the date of your enrolment, we may require you to enrol in further classes via this website in order to accept the new Terms and Conditions.
    4. We reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time and apply them to future enrolments. This means if you are only enrolling in one Module at a time rather than all four, different terms may apply to future Modules. The requirements to complete your qualification will not change.

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