Mixed Media Nail Art

  • Date Coming soon!
  • Time 9am-5pm
  • Duration One Day
  • Prerequisites Nationally recognised Nail Certification or Beauty Therapy Diploma
  • Location 163A Marua Road, Ellerslie (Above Crossfit East Auckland)
  • Cost $179.00

From quick, easy salon-ready techniques to slightly more advanced designs with 'wow' factor, this class has it all.

What will I learn?

Pigment - One little pot of powder gives you endless possibilities! Use it with the inhibition layer of gel, mix it with water, gel, monomer, or a medium. Customise it, paint with it, build with it or engrave it. This course takes one of the most exciting products you can get your hands on and proves exactly why it's so life changing.

Embedding - Elevate your designs by using an infinite number of products inside your nails. Work with both acrylic, hard gel and Colour Gloss to see what is possible once you step outside your comfort zone.

Water-based Paint - Why do you need water-based paint in your collection when you already have gel polish? We'll show you!

Mixing Mediums - What happens when you mix monomer and Colour Gloss? What happens when you mix Colour Gloss and polymer? What happens when you mix Gel Polish and Hard Gel? Find out just how many possibilities are already sitting in your kit, that you didn't even know were possible.

Scroll down for more detail.

What should I bring?

Pack everything you would use to do a Gel Polish Manicure, a set of Clear Acrylics and a set of Clear Hard Gel Enhancements as well as all of your Nail Art tools. We will provide some goodies to use on the day and if you don't currently offer all three of those services I'm sure we can find something for you to borrow!

If you really want to go shopping, we will be using -

If you run out of anything, plenty of stock will be available to purchase.

Don't worry if you don't use Artistic - bring your own products with you on the day and we'll share ours too. This class is not product specific.

Do I get a certificate?

You will do, yes! A Monaco Certificate will be presented to you on the day.

What do I get for my money?

Inspiration! Plus we know you want the certificate. But in all seriousness, this class is going to open your eyes to a whole range of new possibilities that can be achieved without having to spend a huge amount of new product - most of what we teach you can be achieved with the products you already have in your kit. There isn't a huge amount of painting (just a little bit) so you don't need artistic flair or a steady hand. This is about being clever with what you already have and impressing your clients with tricks they've never seen before. It looks like an advanced class but honestly, anyone can make a success of this day and learn some really achievable new techniques.

Course Plan -

9am - WELCOME!

Get to know Monaco Nail Academy, your educator, your fellow students and of course the wonderful course you will be immersed in for the next while. We also just want to say THANK YOU for choosing Monaco – we know you have made sacrifices to be able to put your money towards this course and we will do our best to make sure you go away inspired, motivated and with many new found skills.

9.20am – Playing with Light

There are lots of examples of Stained Glass Nail Art that you can copy but what we want to encourage is creating your own pieces from non-nail inspiration - seeing an amazing image anywhere you go and turning it into Nail Art. We’re then going to show you how to create a realistic stained glass effect using pigment and medium, and how to use Acrylic Paint for fine lines and high definition. Even if you never paint another stained glass nail in your life, these techniques will apply to countless different designs.

10.30am – From Fashion Week to Feature Nail

Again we’re showing you how to take inspiration from anywhere and turn it into Nail Art – this time the inspiration comes from a coat and a candle! To get the desired effect we’ll be working with dry pigments, learning some engraving techniques and practicing our fine line Acrylic Paint work.

11.30am – Breaking the Rules

This isn’t just any marbling technique. We’re going to show you how to combine two products that you have in your drawer at all times but never would have thought to mix together to get a unique marbled finish that looks like real stone.

12pm – Dripping with Gems

Mixing two shouldn’t-be-mixed products together worked out well on the last nail so let’s do it again. A new combination of products that you always have on hand, mixed to create a look you would have never thought possible. We’ll finish off this nail with pressed foil, one of the most common techniques we are asked to demonstrate.

1pm – Lunch

1.30pm – Limits? What Limits?

We’re sure your brain is already trying to work out what the products are that you have in your drawer but never thought to mix. Maybe you’ve guessed one of the two combinations we’ve mentioned? Well here’s a third combination, and a hint – we’ll be creating coloured 3D Art in this session.

2.30pm – The Pièce de Résistance

The last couple of hours of the day will be used to work on a masterpiece, combining several different techniques to create one beautiful work of art. We’ll cover layering, embedding, colouring monomer with pigment, 3D Acrylic Art and gel washes to create a Lily Pond with depth and movement. For this entire class you do need to have worked with Acrylic before but you don’t need to be an expert – the whole day is extremely achievable for anyone from Novices to advanced techs.

How do I sign up?
Easy! Click on the Enrol button above or email learn@monaco.ac.nz to register your interest with one of our educators or ask any extra questions you have. You can also view our FAQs here.

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