Alex Young

Alex Young

  • Location What The Nail!
    17 St Benedicts Street, Eden Terrace, Auckland
  • Number 021 84 55 66
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Name: Alex Young

Date Graduated: August 2017

Business Name: What the Nail!

Business Address: 17 St Benedicts St, Eden Terrace, Auckland

Business Phone: 021 84 55 66

Business Email:



Why did you become a Nail Artist?

Actually not because I love nails surprisingly enough. I became a nail tech because I wanted a challenge to take me outside of my everyday corporate life – and learn a new skill that could entertain my creative passion and love of meeting new people. Being a nail tech though has introduced me to so much more than I would have originally thought. It touches on so many subjects; business, art, social and science. I love it.

What’s your absolute favourite Nail Service to provide?

At the moment I’ve got a thing for abstract nail art.

What makes you different to everyone else?

I will teach you the benefits of good nail health, and give you very unique nail art that will get your friends & colleagues talking. Also I have great chat ;-)

What do you think is a higher priority – price, quality or hygiene?

They are all of equal priority to me. You can’t have one without the other.

Who is your biggest influence in the industry?

I love looking at US nail artists. They push the boundaries so much.

Which is your favourite Nail Art look to do?

Anything with glitter and foil. And of course abstract work.

How would you describe your business/salon?

Casual, friendly, welcoming.

Puppies or Kittens?

Kittens! I have a cat Harley who you might see if you come for an appointment. He loves being the centre of attention!

Waffles or Pancakes?

Pancakes with fairy floss (yup, fairy floss) as a topping. Oh heck, yes.

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