Courtney Cook

Courtney Cook

  • Location 99 Nails
    44 William Pickering Drive, Albany (Inside Cathy Lee Hair & Beauty)
  • Number 0224167781
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Why did you become a nail artist?

I loved being able to paint tiny works of art on my nails and I'm so happy to share it with my clients now! I was the kid constantly being told off at school for having nail polish on. When I first started I would practice designs for hours on end and my love for nail art continued to grow. Being able to express my ideas through my nails really excited me as there is just no limit to what you can do with your nails.

What is your favourite nail service to provide?

Anything with hand painted art makes me super happy, I love adding in fine details. Brainstorming ideas with a client to seeing their reaction when we are done makes me so proud.

Why should I train with Monaco?

I did heaps of research for many years on nail courses before deciding to go with Monaco. I am so glad I finally did, Monaco has equipped me with the knowledge and skills to bring high quality and safe nail services to the NZ market. The training is thorough and very supportive during and after your course. You can be sure every graduate has put in the hard work to earn their qualification.

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