Debbie Page-Wood

Debbie Page-Wood

  • Location Nails & Make-up
    Whangaparaoa Road, Army Bay, Whangaparaoa, 0930
  • Number 022 350 2526
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Why did you become a Nail Artist?
I'm a naturally creative person and a course in nail artistry appealed to me more than becoming a beautician or doing hair. I also needed something that would compliment my existing make-up qualifications.

What’s your absolute favourite Nail Service to provide?
I love letting my creativity flow, so it would have to be Artistic Colour Gloss manicures and pedicures with hand-painted nail art.

What makes you different to everyone else?
Each set of nails that I do is unique and specifically made for you. There may be a few designs that look similar (if I'm asked to copy a look again) but I will make small changes to the design to ensure that it is uniquely yours.

What do you think is a higher priority – price, quality or hygiene?
As a perfectionist, hygiene and quality go hand-in-hand and I wouldn't rate one of these above the other.

Who is your biggest influence in the industry?
Penny has been a big influence and has taught me so much! I've also been inspired by Sam Biddle’s work, as well as NAIO Nails in the UK.

Which is your favourite Nail Art look to do?
Funnily enough, I've received more compliments on simpler nail art designs (like dots, stripes or flowers) than on more complicated ones. This has led me to believe that the saying “Less is More” can definitely apply in certain situations when it comes to nail art!

How would you describe your business/salon?
Professional, creative and open-minded.

If your business/salon was an animal, which animal would it be?
Not an animal, rather a Monarch Butterfly

If your business/salon was a song or a band, which would it be?
“It's my life" by Bon Jovi

Puppies or Kittens?
It would have to be kittens, since I have a ginger FurKid (cat) called Pringles.

Coke or Lemonade?

Why would you recommend training with Monaco?
Personally, I chose to train with Monaco for three reasons: Firstly, Monaco was the only place that offered an intensive nail course without me having to train as a beautician. Secondly, the ongoing support that is offered after qualifying was a huge bonus. There's nothing worse than doing a course, getting your certificate and then having to enter the working world with no support at all. Monaco offers various means of ongoing support through both their staff and social media. Lastly, the classes are small, which means you get individual one-on-one attention when you need it most.

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