Katie Buchanan

Katie Buchanan

Why did you become a Nail Artist?
I wanted a job to fit in with my mum life where I could be creative make other feel good and combine my personal love of nail polish

What’s your absolute favourite Nail Service to provide?
Acrylics on nail biters - or helping someone grow their own natural nails

What makes you different to everyone else?
Probably my personality it's loud and bubbly and I think it comes across

What do you think is a higher priority – price, quality or hygiene?
It's a neck to neck tie of hygiene and quality

Who is your biggest influence in the industry?
Get Buffed, BakenekoNails, Celina Ryden, Alisha Rimando Botero, and luckily enough I trained and am mentored by the wonderful Penny Lazic who I'm lucky enough to call my friend too!

Which is your favourite Nail Art look to do?
Anything with pigments

How would you describe your business/salon?
A modern contemporary cabin retreat.

If your business/salon was a city, which city would it be?
New York - graphic, lots of influences and lots of colour

If your business/salon was a song or a band, which would it be?
Dog days by Florence + the machine

Waffles or Pancakes?
Either as long as I can have with maple syrup and Greek yogurt

Party or Pyjamas?
Pyjamas sleep is precious with three small children

Why would you recommend training with Monaco?
The skills, people and on going support are unlike anything I've experienced in any other industry.Being able to own my business, choose my own hours and show my creativity etc is amazing.

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Monaco is now
Monaco Nail Academy and MonacoPro, which were you looking for?