Rachel Goggin-Shanley

Rachel Goggin-Shanley

  • Location Sugarcoated Beauty Therapy
    Colson Street, Avalon, Lower Hutt, Wellington
  • Number 0800 784 272
  • Email sugarcoatedbt@gmail.com

Why did you become a Nail Artist?

I have been in the Beauty Industry for over 16 years and I found that I enjoyed nails a lot so decided to upskill.

What’s your absolute favourite Nail Service to provide?

Gel Manicure

What makes you different to everyone else?

I pride myself on keeping my education current and I provide a down-to-earth atmosphere in my salon.

What do you think is a higher priority – price, quality or hygiene?

I think hygiene is a high priority but quality is a close second.

Who is your biggest influence in the industry?

I follow quite a few nail technicians and I’m always blown away with how much talent people have.

Which is your favourite Nail Art look to do?

I don’t have a particular favourite but glitter is usually a must.

How would you describe your business/salon?

Down-to-earth, friendly within a relaxed home-based salon.

Puppies or Kittens?


Party or Pyjamas?


Why should I (the random person reading this on the website) train with Monaco?

I found Monaco to be amazing at teaching the science behind doing nails. It’s one thing to be able to apply nail enhancements but knowing the why, what and troubleshooting was more valuable. This is what helps make a Nail Tech excel.

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