Tarin Sheehan

Tarin Sheehan

Why did you become a Nail Artist?
While I was on maternity leave, I helped a friend out with some nail promo work, working at Fashion Week and a few other events. A few months later, all I was doing was thinking about nails, nail art and nail products so I decided it was time to open my own salon!

What’s your absolute favourite Nail Service to provide?
I love providing deluxe services where my client leaves with beautiful nails but also feeling relaxed and pampered.

What makes you different to everyone else?
I am a 'newby' in the industry so I am very excited, passionate and keen about my new career as a nail artist.

What do you think is a higher priority – price, quality or hygiene?
First and foremost, I would say hygiene. You can provide competitive pricing and excellent quality, but if you are not providing a hygienic service you are putting your clients at risk and this is just not acceptable. Simple as that.

Who is your biggest influence in the industry?
There are so many amazing nail artists in the world and I love following their latest looks and trends. But, within New Zealand, I am influenced by Leah Light and Penny Lazic. Both woman are so passionate about their work and if my business could be half as successful as theirs are, I would be a very happy nail artist!

Which is your favourite Nail Art look to do?
I absolutely love working with pigments. They are so versatile and there is so much you can do with them.

How would you describe your business/salon?
Unique, beautiful and a haven for ladies to be pampered and polished.

If your salon was an animal, which animal would it be?
A beautiful pink butterfly

If your salon was a person, which person would it be?

Waffles or Pancakes?

Party or Pyjamas?

Why would you recommend training with Monaco?
Penny and her team at Monaco are the best of the best! The course is detailed and intense and covers everything you need to know to become the very best nail technician you can be.

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