👻 YOLO! How to Turn Ghosting into Growth

Here’s what I’m seeing lately. A bunch of scaredy cats! A huge number of the people I talk to are terrified of feedback or knowing anything remotely negative. #CanRelate?

Guys, it’s holding you baaaaaaaack.

So a couple of weeks ago, some of our students got an awesome opportunity for a mobile group booking. The group even asked them to come back and do more of them the next day. But then *dun dun dunnnnn* they got this message –

Their automatic assumption was that they had right royally effed up and the clients HATED them – even though it’s a freakin delightful message and the clients were lovely.

Meanwhile these Baby Techs were so stressed thinking about how terrible they must be. So I said –

“Ok so you are NEVER going to see them again right? Because they don’t live in New Zealand. So say, ‘Hey, both of us are fairly new to the industry, could you give us some honest feedback about the experience and nails overall so we can improve for next time?’ – like, what are they gonna do?

A) Ignore you and go home or
B) Tell you and go home

And what’s your business going to do?
A) Be open tomorrow no matter what they say”

Yeah, ok, even the most constructive feedback can hurt when you’ve tried your best. But if you’re doing something that is putting people off, and you have NO idea, your business is heading nowhere profitable.

On the other hand, you could have actual, actionable feedback from someone who, no matter what they think of you, wasn’t coming back anyway.

In this case it was A) – They never got a reply. And guess what? They lost nothing, they didn’t spontaneously combust, and their businesses didn’t implode.

Nothing bad happened.

I do this too – when people enquire about training, and I put time and effort into a reply, and then they don’t ever get back to me, a few weeks later I will email and say something along the lines of ‘Hey, no pressure, this obviously isn’t the right time for you to join us or maybe we’re just not the right school, but if you have time could you please let me know why you didn’t reply? The feedback is super helpful’.

I’d say 1 in 10 then reply to that email. Sometimes they say they were just researching and will save up over the next year. Sometimes they say they thought I was a bot and they didn’t need to reply (I’m real I promise haha).

And sometimes it comes to light that they misunderstood something – and now I have the power not only to clarify it with them but also on our website and in our marketing which overall increases our chances of future enrolments.

You’ve got NOTHING to lose and everything to gain – so your goal today is to ‘Text a Ghost’ – someone who hasn’t been back to you in ages, and ask what you could have improved to ensure a return.

What would you have changed about the last beauty appointment you went to as a client?

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