5 Reasons to Choose a Reputable Salon

When it comes to choosing a nail salon, I’ve had my nails done at both high and low end establishments. Like fashion, when it comes to nails it’s not all about price – there are a lot of other important things to consider. When people ask me why they should go to a high end salon when they could get their nails done at a nail bar for a lower cost, I have no hesitation in recommending high end salons – here are my top five reasons why.

  1. Reputable salons hire expert staff.
    When you’re getting your nails done, you want it to be by a trained professional who knows what they’re doing. Not only will they be able to leave you with perfectly polished nails and advise you on what sort of products are best for you, they will also know how to apply and remove products in a way that is safe and won’t harm your nails.
  2. High end salons use high end products. 
    When you get your nails done, you want to feel comfortable knowing that the products won’t damage your nails (or your skin), and that the finished result will look great, right? Reputable nail salons use products that are safe, and will help to keep your nails healthy.
  3. Continued staff training using modern techniques. 
    Having been to a number of different nail technicians over the years, I’ve seen how much products and techniques have evolved and improved. A good nail technician will make sure that they keep learning about advancements within their profession, so when there are new products or methods that could make your nail experience better, you can be sure that they’ll know about them and seek out training where required.
  4. High standards of hygiene.
    A high end nail salon will have strict hygiene procedures to keep their staff and their clients safe. It’s really easy for things like fungal or bacterial contaminations to be passed on, so surfaces and tools should be kept clean and sterilised in order to maintain hygiene levels. The only thing you want to take home from your salon appointment is fabulous looking nails, ladies!
  5. Peace of mind.
    At the end of the day, you want to going in to your appointment knowing that you will be well looked after and your nails will look amazing. When I go to a high end salon I know that I can sit back and relax, and let my nail tech make my nails beautiful.

When you’re choosing your salon, don’t be hesitant to ask about the qualifications of the nail tech you’re seeing or ask questions about the processes your nail tech is using. Become an educated mani devotee and let your friends know too!

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