Achieving the Perfect Squoval Nail Shape: Step-by-Step Guide

The squoval nail shape combines the elegance of an oval with the strength of a square. Here’s how to perfect this popular shape:

Smooth Corners Magic The only difference between square and squoval is smoothing the corners. Tilt your file towards you and soften the edges. Remember, squoval is not round—the free edge stays straight and lines up against a ruler.

Train Track Side Walls For squoval nails, the side walls are perpendicular and 100% parallel, just like square nails. They maintain a consistent distance, never flaring or tapering.

Consistent C-Curve The C-Curve of a squoval nail is the same as a square nail—uniform across the entire thickness, forming about 30% of a circle.

Straight Lower Arches The lower arches extend straight from the widest point of the side walls, maintaining a sleek and consistent look without dipping or creeping up.

Seamless Cuticle Blend The structure of a squoval nail mirrors that of a square nail. The cuticle blend is flawlessly tapered, with the apex 1/3 from the cuticle. This ensures a smooth, straight nail from the apex to the free edge.

Why Choose Squoval? The squoval shape is perfect for those who want the elegance of an oval with the strength of a square. It’s a versatile and flattering choice for any nail length.

Perfect your squoval nails with these tips and achieve a beautiful, durable manicure!

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