Acrylic Refresher for Qualified Nail Techs(from

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This training is for qualified Nail Technicians who want to update their skills.

This could be for one of several reasons – perhaps you qualified a long time ago and feel like your training is out of date. Perhaps you’ve taken a break away from the industry and need a refresher. Or maybe you trained elsewhere and feel your original training wasn’t as thorough as you would have liked or you just want a different point of view.

If you have never ever done Acrylic before, please enrol in our Beginner Acrylic Training.

During this Module we will cover –

  • Picking up beads
  • Natural Nail Overlays
  • Using both Tips and Forms
  • Natural-look Extensions
  • Filing and Structure
  • Backfills (2-3 Weekly Maintenance)
  • Fixing Cracks and Breaks
  • Safe Acrylic Removal
  • French Extensions in traditional and reverse methods
  • Blending Cover Powders
  • Rebalances (2-3 Weekly Maintenance for French Extensions)

Your fees include – 

  • 14+ Hours of Video Content to complement all lessons
  • Online manuals to complement all videos
  • 7-Day access to Educators in our Student Facebook Group

After completing the pre-recorded content, you can choose to book an optional three-hour group video call with one of our Mentors for $49, or a one-on-one video call for $80 per hour. We use these sessions to troubleshoot any issues you have been having.

We require that you complete the online content first as it may answer many of your questions and solve many of the issues you are troubleshooting, leaving you able to make the most of your in-person session by only using it for skills you haven’t yet mastered.

Your time with a Mentor is completely customised to suit your needs and have you leaving confident and ready to go!

Are products included?

No, as an advanced class, we assume most of you already have product, but you can add a Kit if needed.

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes, but you will be required to show proof of existing qualification first and pass our The Theory of Nails exam, which you can attempt once for free. If you don’t pass, The Theory of Nails is $49 and exam re-sits are unlimited for 12 months.

Payment Plans

You can pay using a credit card, bank transfer or LayBuy.


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