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  1. Jayde Kruskopf


    Cuticle is clean and shows no sign of damage – no
    No damage to the nail or skin from buffing – no

    Product application

    Product application is .5mm from cuticle – yes
    Product does not touch skin at all – no
    No Air Bubbles – no


    Lower arches are straight – yes
    Nails arch naturally from cuticle – yes
    Apex is correctly aligned – yes

    Barrel View

    All nails are thin – yes
    All nails are the same thickness – yes
    All nails have a well-shaped c-curve – yes


    Appropriate to natural nail bed – yes
    Same across all nails when viewed from palm – yes


    Side walls are parallel – yes
    Free edge is perpendicular to the side walls – yes
    Seamless blend with natural nail at cuticle – yes
    No visible angles in contour – no


    Nail is shiny with no scratches or inconsistencies – yes
    No lifting caused by over-filing or flooding – no
    No damage to the natural nail or surrounding skin – no

    Which ONE thing are you most proud of?
    smooth finish!

    Which ONE thing will you focus on next time?
    Thinner application so they arent as bulky

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