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    Zaytia Coulter

    Thank you Penny! Your clients issues sound EXACTLY like what I get with my nails. And one of my clients (who plays hockey….and is obsessed with cleaning her bathroom and doesn’t wear gloves). And thats exactly what I was asking about. So it’s user error and basically you need to be more careful with your nails. I was hoping there was something else a tech could do to help combat this. I know on myself if I really float the BIAB over the free edge (I guess extending it by 1/2mm) I wear through it less quickly and don’t get the same amount of chipping/lifting. I must be pretty heavy handed!

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      That’s a great solution 🙂

  2. Becca

    Thanks this was super helpful! I have only had two clients with lifting at the cuticle:
    – One is a teacher and has super oily nails. I think now that I’m transferring oils while cleansing like Penny suggested.
    – One is a truck driver so SUPER heavy handed. The only nails that lifted is her middle fingers on each hand, which have a wave in the nails, so the nails grow downwards.

    1. Stephanie Greville

      Let us know how you get on with these clients! 🙂

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    Zaytia Coulter

    On myself and clients one BIAB always had ridiculous lifting, free edge, cuticle, sometimes sidewalls too. The other 3 BIABs I’ve used didn’t do this ever. I just gave up and got rid of it. Now I have 2 that are amazing. I reached out to the company and to some other techs who love the brand but I couldn’t work out what I was doing so incorrectly that I couldn’t get that one product to work for me

    1. Stephanie Greville

      Hey Zaytia!
      So glad you have found a product that works well for you and your clients. Out of all systems, BIAB can be more varied due to the different viscosities and flexibility when cured – which in turn can cause problems with lifting when not used specifically in the way that the brand intended. It’s always a great idea to troubleshoot with others that might be able to give advice! The Monaco Nail Academy Students and Grads Facebook page is great for this 🙂

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