Dealing With Clients (8/12)(from

33 students

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Whether you’re yet to start your training or you’ve been in business for years, this course will get you up to speed on literally EVERYTHING you need to know to take your next step with the right foot.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll be much more confident with consulting clients at the start of every appointment, you will know how to keep good records of every service and although we hope it won’t be necessary, you’ll be prepared for your first complaint and how to handle it.

Speaking of complaints, we’re going to cover off taking things personally and sabotaging your ability to get clients out of fear – you’ve got this, and you’re going to smash it.

You can watch our Salon Success workshops in any order but our recommended order makes this #8 of 12

After each section, you do a Chapter Revision. This is what students have written about this Module –
This chapter is very eye opening as to what things you may already be doing (best friend effect or fear of clients to be specific). Watching these lessons has equipped me with the skills to handle a variety of client based situations, in a professional manner. You will complete this chapter feeling ready to receive any complaint or criticism that comes your way without letting it get to you on a personal level. As well as being able to give your clients a high standard of service from the moment the walk in and continuing even after they leave.


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