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E-filing involves using an electric nail file with various ‘drill’ bits to shape, smooth, and efficiently remove nail products. Used in the nail industry since the late 20th century, E-files have become more precise and versatile as technology has advanced, offering nail technicians a way to reduce physical strain and increase speed.

The Pros: E-filing speeds up nail services by providing precise shaping and detailing with minimal effort.

The Cons: Skill and training are essential to use e-files safely and effectively, as improper technique or overuse may damage natural nails. Worst case scenario, you are one slip away from cutting a client, and a distracted moment away from thinning the nail plate down to exposed nail bed.

At Monaco Nail Academy, we recommend leaving your E-File training until last, for a couple of reasons.

First, we don’t want Monaco Grads to shortcut their way to nice nails – perfect those base services manually and then use an E-File to complement your skills. If you rush to use an E-File to fix your mistakes the so-called ‘easy’ way, you’ll never do the troubleshooting that leads you to also learn about the ratio that is causing your lifting issues or the thickness that is causing those heat spikes.

Second, the E-File is a powertool that you’re using on the human body. We want you to have muscle memory for files, brushes, manipulation of client hands and positioning of yours before you slip into a cuticle at 15,000 RPM.

Our E-File training is flexible and self-guided, with pre-recorded and live educator-led components.

This Module is suitable for anyone from complete beginners with no experience through to qualified Nail Techs wanting a refresher.

When you enrol, please make sure to choose a ‘Live Lesson’ and a ‘Kit’ option under ‘Add Ons’

During this Module we will cover –

  • What to look for when choosing an E-File and the Bits to go with it
  • The difference between common bit materials, shapes and grits
  • Using an E-File to remove Gel Polish from both enhancements and the natural nail
  • Using an E-File to remove enhancement lifting and prepare for backfills
  • Using an E-File to reduce the length of an enhancement
  • Using an E-File to contour/surface file a new enhancement
  • Using an E-File to clean under an enhancement
  • Using an E-File to rebalance a French enhancement
  • Using an E-File during a Removal services
  • The pros and cons of using an E-File over a manual hand file for each of the techniques we teach you
  • How to clean, disinfect and maintain your machine and bits

We will not cover – 

  • How to use an E-File on the natural nail – no product with today’s technology should require more prep than a brief, light buff with a 180-grit buffer of softer
  • How to complete cuticle work with an E-File – working on skin is an advanced skill that requires experience and confidence with an E-File that goes beyond beginner capabilities

Your fees include – 

  • 4+ Hours of Video Content. Pre-recorded Demo videos allow you to see a demonstration from multiple angles, up close, and with the benefit of rewatching.
  • Your Assessment. The E-File Exam is one-on-one, either online or in-person. During the exam, you are required to complete a full backfill service on 10 nails of either BIAB, Acrylic, Hard Gel or PolyGel applied 2 weeks prior to the exam and with a minimum of 2mm growth. You are required to use the E-File to remove gel polish, remove lifting, shorten the nail and contour the nail as applicable to the full service being provided.
  • 7-Day Support via our Facebook Group. We have a beautiful, unparalleled community of like-minded folk in there, ready to welcome you.
  • 5-Day Support via Email and Phone

Live Lessons

Yes, we have In-Person Classes. Yes, we also offer online options!

It’s a common misconception that our online courses are just pre-recorded videos, however they actually include indepth live lessons done via Zoom. We genuinely find that students get better results from online training as they can see closer and across multiple angles, even recording their lessons to rewatch.

All of our courses have the option to include live lessons.

These can be –

  • In Person, one-on-one, hosted by your Mentor at their own salon. View the locations of our Mentors here.
  • Online, one on one, at a time that works for both you and your Mentor.
  • Online, in a group, with one of our Accountability Groups.

Live Lessons are optional if –

  • You have previously completed training in the same subject and are using this course as a refresher.
  • You plan on working towards the Introduction to Nail Technology – once you enrol, you’ll have no additional costs unless you need to resit your exam more than once.
  • You only plan on doing a couple of modules and are happy with an A5 ‘Short Course’ Certificate.

Live Lessons are compulsory if –

When enrolling, you need to choose a Live Lesson option as the choice you make affects the price you pay.

Kits/Product Inclusions

Our courses are brand neutral and we don’t want to force you to pay for products that you don’t want or need. However, we do sell Artistic Nail Design products and kits are available if you choose to add them.

When enrolling, you need to choose a Kit option as the choice you make affects the price you pay.

What do I need?

  • Your own E-File. For a good E-File, expect to pay between $400-1200 but for training, as long as an E-File is 30,000 rpm, light weight, vibration free and doesn’t have a bulky hand piece you will be in safe hands. This E-File meets all requirements without breaking the bank and is a suitable E-File to learn with or until you decide whether using an E-File is right for you. When you’re ready to upgrade, we love this one. Kupa, Young Nails, and Max Estrada also manufacture great E-Files.
  • Your own E-File Bits – however, don’t rush out and buy them now. During the first few lessons of this course, you will learn the pros and cons of various types and materials and will form an opinion on what will work best for you. Prices vary between $20-$50 per bit. It is also worth noting that if you are left-handed, some bits are multi-directional but others are intended for right or left-handed use only so please check with the supplier if you need left-handed bits.

Please be aware that E-Filing creates more dust than hand filing and that dust is lighter and therefore stays in the air longer than hand-filing dust. The best option is to install a dust extraction unit in your table but we also recommend swapping towels and aprons throughout the day to minimise dust exposure, as well as using nitrile gloves, a dust mask and wearing long sleeves. Please make sure any mask worn is suitable for this activity – cheap masks may actually trap fumes that would otherwise be extracted, and keep them close to your face. Open windows also aren’t a great idea as a breeze keeps the dust from settling.

How does it work?

At the time of enrolment, you pay a deposit. This is under the threshold for using LayBuy which means you can pay it off in 4 installments.

Within 2 business days of enrolling, you will receive access to the online components of your course, which you can access by logging into this website. You can work through the content at your leisure.

As you work through the pre-recorded content of each Module, you will often see markers that say ‘It’s Time to Book a Lesson’ (which refers to a live session with a Mentor). There will be instructions on how to book. You can see a breakdown of all lessons by downloading a Lesson Guide from our Student Resources page.

Lessons can be booked with complete flexibility around your own needs and availability, matched with the availability of your chosen Mentors. You might choose to attend only mornings, only afternoons, only weekends, or a total mix and match – it’s entirely up to you.

Lessons and exams can be completed online or in-person, at a cost of $49/hour or $349 for an 8-hour day. Occasionally, group lessons will be available, at a cost of $49 for 3-hours.

What if I’m not good enough?

Your live lessons are where, after watching the pre-recorded demonstrations, a Mentor can help you in real-time. There’s a misconception that you need to be good before you join a lesson but this is definitely false! A lesson is where your Mentor guides you through practicing for the first time – you’re not supposed to be a master.

Where are the courses held?

Our online courses are 100% Online including pre-recorded, live and exam components. Complete from your home or salon, no matter where you are. If you choose in-person lessons, these will be in the salon of your chosen Mentor. Mentors and their locations can be seen here.

Will I get a Certificate?

This Module is part of the Foundation Certificate in Nail Technology. A Sticker to add to your Foundation Certificate in Nail Technology certificate is included with this course, available after all criteria are met.

If you would like a certificate additional to the Foundation Certificate in Nail Technology qualification, you can purchase one in the ‘Certificates’ category of our online Shop.

Is there a Payment Plan?

If you’re on a budget, we recommend that you enrol in each Module one at a time. You can pay using a credit card, bank transfer or Afterpay.


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