Salon Success: How to Set Your Prices (and MUCH more!)(from

52 students

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Salon Success is a series of flexible, self-guided online workshops that cover every aspect of running a business.

Whether you’re yet to start your training or you’ve been in business for years, this course will get you up to speed on literally EVERYTHING you need to know to take your next step with the right foot.

You can watch our Salon Success workshops in any order but our recommended order makes this #10. This Module is suitable for complete beginners with no experience.

All About This Module – 

  • Know how to get clients to (happily!) pay what you’re worth
  • Know what you’re really spending with our easy-to-use Cost Calculators
  • Know exactly how much to charge for every service you offer
  • Know how to increase your prices while making your clients happy that you did so (no, really!)
  • Be able to confidently compete in small towns, new towns, and in towns saturated with cut price salons

This course has HOURS of content, pre-programmed calculators, videos, worksheets and resources.

Note that this Module is comprised of content from the Salon Success course and is designed to upskill existing Nail Techs without the need for them to complete the entire Salon Success Course. If you are enrolled in Salon Success, you do not need to do both. 

Your fees include – 

  • 6 hours of Video Content.
  • Focussed learning tasks and challenges to help you implement what you learn in those lessons
  • Worksheets, templates and downloads where necessary to help map everything out and avoid overwhelm
  • Guided study time – Book into one of our online Zoom sessions and work through your course at your own pace, with a Mentor there to brainstorm and answer your questions as you go*
  • Access to a private Facebook Group where we can work with you on each step
  • Minimum 12 months access to the course content
  • Free access to all updates and changes for those 12 months

*Note that we don’t accept bookings for these Zoom sessions from Salon Success students more than 2 weeks in advance, allowing our practical skills students a chance to book first. Live lessons are a compulsory part of their course and something that is covered by the cost, whereas we allow Salon Success students to take remaining spaces without charging. This still leaves plenty of opportunities for you to join in. 

This course does not include – 

  • Compulsory homework or exams – complete the learning tasks that feel most relevant.

How does it work?

Within 2 business days of enrolling, you will receive access to the online components of your course, which you can access by logging into this website. You can work through the content at your leisure.

What if I’m not good enough?

Complete the detailed pre-recorded content and then choose to add live lessons if you WANT to, for $80 Per Hour One-On-One

We require that you complete the online content first as it may answer many of your questions and solve many of the issues you are troubleshooting, leaving you able to make the most of your in-person session by only using it for skills you haven’t yet mastered. Your time with a Mentor is completely customised to suit your needs and have you leaving confident and ready to go!

Where are the courses held?

Our online courses are 100% Online including pre-recorded and live components. Complete from your home or salon, no matter where you are.

Will I get a Certificate?

This Module is part of Salon Success.

Once you complete all 11 ‘Salon Success’ Modules, you can order either a Sticker to add to your Introduction to Nail Technology or Foundation Certificate in Nail Technology certificate, or you can purchase a certificate for $15 in the ‘Certificates’ category of our online Shop. For short courses, this is an A5 Certificate, No foil.

Is there a Payment Plan?

If you’re on a budget, we recommend that you purchase each module individually. You can pay using a credit card, bank transfer or LayBuy. We also have a ‘Pay As You Go’ version of some courses.

After each section, you do a Chapter Revision. This is what students have written about this Module – 

Prepare for your brain to ache in the best way! I felt like I really started to know what I was doing in regards to money as I went through this course. I have rewatched a few twice and I will continue to watch again and again! Penny has really given us access to an amazing resource with this one!