Manis and Pedis Refresher for Qualified Nail Techs(from

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This training is for qualified Nail Technicians who want to update their skills.

This could be for one of several reasons – perhaps you qualified a long time ago and feel like your training is out of date. Perhaps you’ve taken a break away from the industry and need a refresher. Or maybe you trained elsewhere and feel your original training wasn’t as thorough as you would have liked or you just want a different point of view.

During this Module we will cover –

  • Traditional Manicures
  • Gel Polish Manicures
  • Scrubs, Masks and Massage
  • Traditional Pedicures
  • Options for Male Clients

The fees include – 

  • 8+ Hours of Video Content
  • Online manuals to complement all videos
  • A three-hour group video call with one of our Mentors, where you can troubleshoot any issues you have been having

Are products included?

No, as an advanced class, we assume most of you already have product, but you can add a Kit if needed.

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes, but you will be required to show proof of existing qualification first.

Payment Plans

You can pay using a credit card, bank transfer, LayBuy or Humm.

Humm’s ‘Big Things’ programme allows you to pay off up to $6,000 over up to 12 months, interest-free.

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I did my Beauty Therapy qualification in 2011 and we ‘briefly’ touched on Manicures and Pedicures, I’ve been doing manicure and pedicure services for clients ever since and I thought I knew what I was doing until I started the Monaco module…….turns out I knew nothing! The detail and care that is in the training and the virtual classrooms was actually quite mind-blowing to me, I am so thrilled that I am upskilling – I wish I could go back to every client I’ve ever seen and redo there nails the way that Monaco has taught me as it would be a much higher standard! – Becky


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