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  1. Trudi Maddox

    Love this Penny!! I’ve had a barrel of excuses over the last year. I feel I’m finally at the point where I’ve stopped waiting for ‘this, that and whatever’ to happen and and just making it happen regardless.

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      Yay that’s so good! I’m glad you liked it 🙂

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    Thank you Penny, This was what I needed to hear and ill probably listen to it again so it gets stuck in my head.
    I have got to a point where I have almost got what I want in regards to having my salon at home but always have an excuse on to go bigger and I think it is the fear of the unknown of will it actually work and of course it would work I just have to put the energy into making it work.

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      Thank you so much <3 Fear of the unknown is so huge! I feel like I have it conquered in nails but definitely not in life itself haha... but your DREAM life is right there Anna! You can taste it! Now to go and grab it and lock it down 🙂

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    Parveen Kaur Thakur

    I guess I too need to listen to it, again and again, to drill it in my mind hahaha.. I hope I have got this right, I do dream to own a house, car, etc, but something I cannot imagine right now is to have my own Nail salon.. you like when I close my eye to imagine my salon it’s not very clear, I hope you all understand what I mean, right?! I mean my imagination compared to my visual is something missing to complete it, which I am trying to find what is missing. anyways but I am not sure if I am waiting for something, should be something positive to happen in whatever I do. Thinking positive is the key.

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      Totally understand! What if you make a Vision Board? Just a corkboard with a collection of pictures of what you want to to be like. A feature wall colour, the flowers that would be on the desk, the brands, the chairs, the cushions. Print them all out and stick them up together 🙂

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    Nicole Leatham

    So much YES to this Penny. Thankyou once again <3

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      You’re very welcome 🙂

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