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  1. Trudi Maddox

    I think consistency is a big thing for me, I don’t have a constant theme.

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    Zaytia Coulter

    I personally don’t like consistent poses etc. I would loooove consistency in lighting but I also like when its changed up (all bright or contrasting shadows). I don’t like scrolling through a feed and feeling like I’m not seeing anything new or different. I think I also have an issue with stuff thats too curated. Like I’m not really seeing their work. It feels to corporate and less real person… I’m definitely working on my feed and bringing a level of consistency when my images are so inconsistent. I’d really love to see you do this again with my feed as a before and after this section bit. Consistency is the thing I find the hardest for use. I’d like to work out how to do what the beauty one did and pick like theme or marbles and peaches and somehow carry that through all of my photos. I feel like I’m better at that when I create content and style stuff. But I’m not great when I’m taking snapshots of clients and don’t want to come off precious and time wasting. I just want to snap 4 shots in 2 seconds and get the perfect one so they can move on lol

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      Funnily enough, I added a link to our most recent conversation in the group to this lesson about an hour ago, before I saw this comment! let me know if you’d like a fuller review on video and I’ll make a time for it!

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    Nicole Leatham

    I am so torn between being consistent and also having a bit of variety. I think I am gonna find a happy medium and find a few signature poses for myself and stick with them (along with lighting, props etc) and make them my own, so my feed is interesting, but also consistent/on brand/my vibe. I like so many different styles of photos it is so hard narrrowing it down, but I think I am onto a goodie now.

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      Sounds like a great idea! You could turn the poses into a feed pattern if you wanted to too 🙂

  4. Eugenia Wilson

    I think that for me I just need to practice taking lots of photos and experimenting. I feel like I need to find my style and I need to explore a bit to do that! Then I can see what I like and dislike, take the things I like and build consistency around them

    1. Becca

      Great plan. Often what you like can change over time and the best way is just to try stuff!

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