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    Parveen Kaur Thakur

    Hi Penny, I would like to share something on this topic.
    How interesting, before enrolling myself in this course, I used to give discounts of each and every client to keep them as regulars and thought that would work, but not really. Not only that I did a huge mistake of giving those clients loyalty cards too, they stopped coming after I discontued the loyaltycards.

    After enrolling into this course I realized how much I was unestimating myself and my potential. Sooner I decided to discontue the loyalty cards and stopped giving discounts to everyone as a new client which I did for a while but realized and experienced not everyone comes back. Since then it took me good time to actually get loyal and potential regulars and I am still working on my target and very happy and confident of what I have achieved till date with help of this amazing course. A big thank you to you Penny. It’s a small gesture to say thank-you but every single and tiny achievements of mine sends blessings to you and virtual tight hug. Can’t thank enough.

    Please see I do give discount as a thank-you to my loyal clients by giving them a free Nail art or something that would make them feel special. As a part of spreading my business word out there, I recently got an opportunity from one of my regular client who is hosting a High Tea Party supporting breast cancer. She asked me if I can give all the ladies a $5 or $10 gift voucher to all the attendees (approx 80 ladies attending that event) or main winner a manicure voucher. I took the opportunity and said yes for both the options. HOPE I DID A RIGHT THING.

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      Yessssss! I love this! And that’s EXACTLY the right way to use a discount <3

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