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  1. No website (YET) – I always thought it wasn’t important for me because I’m home based, small client base and it just got put in the too hard basket?

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      But then how do I find you on Google when I want a salon in my area? 😉

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    Even I don’t have a website yet. I always thought it is important but did not think that it will affect people who are looking for me, I think i should have one now. also, the email I have is a Gmail email for my business. I think i need to get this one too.. I was thinking to wait as these small expenses pile up to a big expense, that is what was holding me back to have an email of my business name. I will get it done.

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      They definitely do add up but if you do 1 or 2 or 3 things a month, they are more manageable – plus the whole idea is that when they ARE done, you are more appealing and make MORE money, so they pay for themselves 🙂

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    You can actually make your gmail link to your domain. Through google. For free. Also I personally think a website is more important than ANY other form of marketing or branding. I will not click on, call or book through a business that doesn’t have a website. If I google and I can’t go to a website and see the services and prices I’ll move on to the next place. I cannot stand having to call, message or scroll through IG or FB to find services and prices and then back and forth regarding booking times etc. Waaaay too much hassle. The number of times the pricelist on a pages FB or IG is outdated….. but a website shouldn’t be!

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      Same! I get so frustrated when a place has no website

  4. I don’t have a website either. Ill start up a small one ready to re-visit later on in this course.

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      Perfect 🙂 Anything is better than nothing!

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    I do have a website, it is something I want to update in the future, I made it mid last year and feel like I could make it more professional looking and just nicer all round haha. I am a bit gutted cos I went with wordpress and I feel like everyone who uses wix has prettier sites than me haha. But I struggled with the whole ‘pointing’ a domain name and hosting and lalala so I will try make wordpress work for me! I do also have TLL domain name emails for clients to enquire on, I wouldn’t use a gmail or hotmail, I agree I think its super unprofessional and just makes you seem cheaper in general before someone has even managed to meet you/see your service etc.

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      Honestly if you don’t love WordPress, it might be worth paying someone to help you switch over the domain! But my nail website and this Monaco website are both on WordPress, it’s capable of pretty much anything 🙂

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