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    Parveen Kaur Thakur

    Hey Penny, when you say that we should be putting about Gift Vouchers on social media at lest once a month, is it on story or proper post?
    coz putting this as a post wont be annoying for viewers? just a thought that came into my mind. i am happy to do it as far as it works hehe.

    This is so interesting, (laughing on myself) i never thought that it is not just the women but actually men who will be buying it for their woman, daughter or sister etc .. silly me. hahaha.. saying that i had a man waking through my salon door during Christmas last year asking me ‘do you have any gift voucher i can buy for my daughter?” i felt so good and asked him how did you know about me he said i googled for nails and found you at the top so walked in to check if you have any and i said yes i do. it was a good feeling and happy to know my google search is working well. thank you Penny,

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      That’s entirely up to you, you should be spreading the posts out amongst all platforms on your editorial calendar, and counting them in your 20% – which, if within your 20% and written well with a good photo, shouldn’t be annoying 🙂

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