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    Jessica Lawler

    My number one goal is more regulars aka retention!

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  2. Melissa Yeomans

    My #1 goal would be to achieve a regular, steady, some what reliable income to support my family & help us achieve our goals.

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      I’m glad you said ‘somewhat’ reliable haha, cause self employments means lots of high highs and low lows as I’m sure you’ve learnt with Ant! All totally possible though 😀

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    Parveen Kaur Thakur

    I am very happy and proud of nearly there to achieve my weekly goals that is $1000 but still there things i have to work on.
    My client retention percentage has increased in January 2021, as compared to November 2020 which i am very excited about.
    I have approx 30 regular clients coming 3 weekly but i still need 30 more regular clients to get to my annual revenue goal.

    My LIST of goals are increasing and changing as i am understanding the fact of how to grow my business.
    Thanks to Penny, in every which way i must thank you for.

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      This is SO COOL, you are awesome!

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    Zaytia Coulter

    My Goal is to build a regular clientele of 20 regulars who come to a schedule and have 8 clients per week

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      Beautiful, that’s exactly what I had in Auckland before I moved, it’s a great plan!

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    Nicole Leatham

    My #1 Goal would be to get 10-15 clients per week consistently. I am sitting at 8-10 per week give or take, but would LOVE to up that as soon as I can!

    1. Stephanie Greville

      I think that is definitely an awesome goal to aspire to. Do you have a time frame in mind for this?

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