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  1. Jayde Kruskopf

    What are three things you’ve absolutely nailed in this section?

    1. Business Plan

    2. Business objectives

    3. my identity

    What are three things you really need to continue to work on?
    1. action plan

    2. figuring out the steps to get towards my end goal

    3. financial forecast

    What are three things that really surprised you?

    1. how important having a business plan is

    2. that an action plan helps to keep you motivated

    3. SMART goals – havent gone over these since high school!!

    What are three things you will never forget?

    1. a business wont run smoothly without a business plan

    2. always stay organised to ensure your plan is in action

    3. to stay organised and ontop of your work as it is reflected in your business!!

    What advice would you give to a newbie starting this section?

    1. ask questions if needed and dont forget to dream big 🙂

    1. Mackenzie Dunn

      Yes, this is awesome! Business plans do help 🙂

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