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  1. ToniClinton

    Everything is the same! lol nothing has changed inside or outside. I usually do a check once a month.

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      Best case scenario!

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    Parveen Kaur Thakur

    Things are the same, doing my best to keep things at its best but as i am working in the space shared by so many other hair stylists the smell is something i cannot control. but i do listen my clients saying ” Oh that head massage looks so relaxing, i love it when i get it at my hair dressers”. and later they do enjoy their hand massage for sure after their manicure. guess i get the benefit that too. There is a small addition to the outside of the salon, as its summers we have a small table and two chairs for clients to relax and cook in the sun while they are waiting.

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      Lovely 🙂

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    Nicole Leatham

    It’s been a LONG time since I did a specific walk through.
    But things are looking nicer (renovated updated decor)
    Everyone comments on the smell of the candles that I burn in salon (and retail too, trying to hook them in)
    They all LOVE the hot towels and the chocolates at the end – I’ve recently added in Easter eggs since its that time of year again and everyones loving that too.
    This did however make me look outside and realise I need to blow the leaves away from the front door & also pull out a few weeds – so will ensure I get that done.
    I’d love to do this senses check monthly – but I will start with every second month and see how I go!

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