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    Parveen Kaur Thakur

    hi Penny, I have a few clients that ask me how can i take care of my cuticles? why do i get hanging nails? how can i stop my nails from cracking or splitting? what will help me maintain my pedicure (heels)? these are the questions i have been asked lately and it seriously made me think i should do a post to help my clients to maintain their manicure or pedicure at home. but never had the courage to do it.

    i guess i totally agree to video ads it is visually attractive, a person would definitely stop to see it for the first 3 sec (depending on how interesting the start is I believe) . but i am very much interested in knowing how and what software or app for editing videos can help me to do it on my phone and laptop. i have started taking videos of few things and that i can now connect them together to create a video clip at home selfcare.

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      I edit my videos on Adobe Premiere Pro, but it’s professional software and a bit tricky (I had a filmmaker friend teach me to use it)

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    Nicole Leatham

    I think my beauty service I most love having done myself (apart from nails haha) would be either hair or makeup. But let’s go with hair – would love to know how I should be looking after my hair & what products to use etc!

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