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    Jessica Lawler

    Car branding, sign outside salon, coffee cup branding, supermarket shopping bag branding (eg your own bags you taken when you go shopping), flyer in letterbox or store, liking someones post on a fb community page as your business page, branded clothing.

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    Parveen Kaur Thakur

    wow Jessica mentioned pretty much everything i had in my mind .. hmmm. how about giving the gift vouchers or brouchers to regular clients so they can give it to their friends and family or next door coffee shop to hand over the vouchers. or to put an ad in the community newsletter for more people to see. i am not sure how many would be subscribing to the newsletters.

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      Great ideas to add!

  3. ToniClinton

    I am always looking for cheap items to give my clients that they will use and also have my branding on them – Nail files, pens etc
    Jess and Parveen have already offered awesome ideas

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      These are also good ideas! But there are lots more too 🙂

  4. Melissa Yeomans

    Hmm lots of great ideas already suggested. How about a radio ad, sponsoring kids clubs etc so you get your logo on their uniforms & also mentioned in newsletters sent out to all the parents, sign writing on vehicles, wearing branded clothing including kids, home made scrubs etc with branding on it, magnets to give to customers.

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    Zaytia Coulter

    I don’t think I have much to add… but signs. Signs on the street, up here a lot of people ask or pay farmers to put up signs on their property that people drive past a lot. Having logos on any merchandise that people use in public (gym towel, water bottle, phone case, lip balm etc). Calendars, community noticeboards, schools up here take sponsorship from businesses and then you can put your billboard up on their fence…

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      Perfect! We’ve got a lesson on Billboards coming up too 🙂

  6. Miki Sadakane

    Exchange business card / menu to other shops/salon which is kind of related and recommend each other to clients. Sponsor school/sports event for spreading business name. I can’t think any more !!!

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      Those are good ones!

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    Nicole Leatham

    I feel like loads that I am thinking of/would think of have been covered but here’s a few
    – Sponsor for school or daycare raffles/disco/events (logo/blurb maybe on the newsletter about them)
    – My area has LOADS of real estate people doing flyer drop offs for houses they sell and sometimes these have sponsors of local businesses on them. Could approach to be on one of these perhaps?
    – Street signage and signage in general
    – Flyer drops (like mail box drops with your price list etc)
    – Branded merch ie pens, magnets, useful everyday items clients would use and people would see?
    – Get clients to share your work on their social pages (potentially in exchange for X Y or Z)
    – Posting on Grapevines/community pages
    – Collab with another local business and leave cards in exchange for something ( could be the same ie beauty or different ie coffee shop)

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      Love all these but especially the real estate agent! Pick an agent in your target market and do a contra!

  8. suzie allen

    brand my own cuticle oil
    collaboration with a local hairdresser
    logo on my shirt
    leave my business cards at mitre 10 and other places that allow
    place ad in the school newsletter
    magnetic business cards
    car sign writing

    1. Mackenzie Dunn

      Yes, Awesome stuff! Also handing out flyers in your free time, with photos of your work 🙂

  9. Jayde Kruskopf

    car branding, business card, poster on noticeboard at gym, flyers in mailboxes, school newsletter, community facebook pages, retail products eg nail files, cuticles oils etc

    1. Mackenzie Dunn

      Awesome! 😀

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