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    Parveen Kaur Thakur

    What are three things you will do in future because of what you have learned in this chapter?
    1- Signage
    2- school newsletter / text campaign
    3- Sign written car

    What are three things you haven’t considered?
    1- television
    2- thinking outside the box- bookmark idea.
    3- receipts – mentioning new product alerts etc.

    What are three things you already considered or going to do?
    1- signage on the salon window for clients to easily know which door is it.
    2- my business info on notice board in my local community and places that are near by.
    3- posters.

    What are three things you will never forget?
    1- every 3 months do a news letter or poster in local areas to keep the business name out there.
    2- try and think outside the box to spread the name of my business.
    3- give discounts wisely.

    What advice would you give to a newbie based on what you have learned in this Module?
    Do not get overwhelmed with the ideas. Make a strategy of how you are going to use these ideas wisely and not using it all at once. Take a step back if needed, analyze and the take one step at a time. You will reach to your goal eventually. Slow and steady wins the race. Good luck.

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      Perfect advice 🙂 You got this!

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