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Our PolyGel training is flexible and self-guided, with online and educator-led components.

Note that this Module is designed as an upskill after Acrylic Training. If you don’t wish to do Acrylic first, choose ‘Skip Acrylic’ under ‘Add Ons’. You will receive 9 additional 3-Hour Lessons for $810.

During this Module we will cover –

  • When to offer Putty
  • Natural-look Extensions
  • French Extensions
  • Backfills (2-3 Weekly Maintenance)
  • Safe Removal
  • Baby Boomers
  • Nail Art
  • FAQs

Your fees include – 

  • 2 x 3-Hour Lessons – These are live lessons that can be completed in-person in Auckland, Papamoa, Tauranga or Tairua or online via our Virtual Classroom video link. Your Mentor will demonstrate the skill you are learning that day and work with you to master it on your model.
  • 10 Hours of Video Content to compliment all lessons as well as bonus content
  • Online manuals to complement all lessons
  • 7-Day access to Educators in our Student Facebook Group
  • All product used during one-on-one sessions
  • The opportunity to repeat classes in our online group sessions for free for 12 months
  • Unlimited attempts at your Assessments

How does it work?

Within 2 business days of enrolling, you will receive access to the online components of your course, which you can access by logging into this website. Start working through the modules in the order they appear. You will work through these super thorough online study materials before you attend any live one-on-one lessons. These study materials will be comprised of texts, videos and quizzes. You will have access to your Mentors via email, phone and our Facebook Group.
As you work through the materials, there will be points that say ‘It’s Time to Book a Lesson’, which refers to time spent with a Mentor, one-on-one, where they are able to demonstrate any skills you want to see in-person and supervise your practice. Those Lessons can be booked around the availability of both yourself and your Mentor. If you have specific availability requirements please contact us before enrolling to ensure your closest Mentor can match your requirements.

You can see a breakdown of all lessons by downloading a Lesson Guide from our Student Resources page.

If you are travelling to us for Lessons or just want to complete them all at once, you are absolutely able to do so, you just need to complete the online content first.

Kits/Product to Learn With

Our training is product-neutral. We demonstrate with Artistic Nail Design products such as Colour Gloss but it’s important to us that your education is the priority and brand loyalty is a bonus.

You will need products to complete your course. We would love that to be the products that we sell, we just understand that some of you will already have products and some of you are working for salons already. We don’t want to force anyone to pay for products they don’t need.

Your options during lessons are as follows –

  • If you want to buy a kit to set yourself up from home, you can do so under ‘Add Ons’ by the Add to Cart button on this page. The kit includes everything you need to practice the skills learned during lessons. The items are full size, but we anticipate you using up some items during training. We don’t anticipate you running out of anything – this should be all you need.
  • You don’t have to buy everything at once (although it’s cheaper). You can buy items separately as you go, and you’ll find a Recommended Kit List inside the Module.
  • You can use your own supplies during lessons as long as they are from a professional-only brand. You can post in our Facebook Group after enrolment to confirm appropriate brands.
  • You can hire a Kit for a fixed cost of $30/day. These are limited in number and can be reserved via email to

Payment Plans

You can pay using a credit card, bank transfer, LayBuy or Humm.

Humm’s ‘Big Things’ programme allows you to pay off up to $6,000 over up to 12 months, meaning you can enrol in the full Foundation Certificate in Nail Technology course AND get the optional kit and pay them off interest-free.

Create an account with them before clicking Enrol on your course for an easy checkout.


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