Dipping Systems

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  1. Katherine Chapman

    to sit a lesson do we have to have someone with us to practice on? or can we just watch.

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      The lessons are about us watching YOU 😉 So yup, you need to do the actual work, and you need to do at least 80% of your lessons on a model. Up to 20% can be on yourself or a practice hand.

  2. Corne van Zyl

    Hi Penny. If I had a model with dip on already could I book both dip lessons in one session so I would start the lesson with dip removal on both hands and then apply full colour on one hand and french on the other?

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      We need the plain colour to be prep-from-scratch but if you had a model with naked nails, you could apply a plain colour to one hand and then IF you had time, remove it and reapply French.

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