Dipping Systems

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  1. i would have thought that dipping would be less toxic than acrylics because you’re not being exposed to the intense toxic smell of liquid monomer, which i find overwhelming now days, but then, every salon should be using ventilation. I do feel though I’m not as exposed to toxic substances when my nails are dipped would you agree ?

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      Just because something has an odour doesn’t mean it’s the nastiest thing in the room 🙂

      The vapours of the monomer are just one substance, and like you say with correct ventilation, shouldn’t be an issue. You’ve also got to consider inhalation of other vapours – cleanser, remover, activator, sanitiser – and then skin, throat and eye exposures too. All of them are safe when used properly but because your safety is a summation of all of them, I wouldn’t rate monomer fumes more dangerous than anything else or worth overriding everything else. Every service has risks and all risks are manageable.

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