Dipping Systems

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  1. how do you get the powder when you dip powder gets down low?
    also what happens if you get small bits of debris in the powder?

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      I can get about 3/4 down with no issues just by changing the angle, but if I’ve made it that low it’s a popular colour, so I replace it and then combine the two jars. If you weren’t replacing it, you could use the sprinkle method.

      I’m not sure where debris would come from, but eliminate the source first and foremost. And then probably use a Cuticle Pusher to scoop it out? I personally haven’t experienced this.

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    I did my first set on myself today. 1 hand looks great the other hand (my right hand which I did with my left hand)
    Idnok a little flooding but my thumb has a ridge in it. Why is this? What would I have done to cause this?

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      Can you post a photo in the FB Group (after I add you lol)? There are a few reasons it might happen but a photo will help me narrow it down 🙂

  3. Hi Penny,
    If I wanted to add Strength without using a extra coat of dipping powder, can I use correction gel or groupie? or is this product best to only add that extra dip. Thanks

    1. Hi Reannon
      I had a chat about this to Penny and she said
      You wouldn’t be able to use Groupie because the systems are not compatible. You could try to use Correction Gel, but Dip is stronger than Correction Gel, and additionally we aren’t sure if the Correction Gel would stick the same way colour does. Definitely feel free to give it a try but our recommendation is to use an extra layer of Dip to add additional strength.

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