Mastering Hard Gel

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    stop the service, put antiseptic and bandaid the cut.
    do not work on that nail.
    throw away all the files buffers used for that service on that client and disinfect the metal equipment.
    put the files and buffers in the zip bag and throw away in the outside bin.
    disinfect and sanitize the table and lamps and all the tools and equipment around.

  2. I actually did this during a lesson recently so I’m glad I’d had this “drilled” into my head!
    Down tools, check client is ok – apply antiseptic and plaster, explain I need to reset and won’t be able to continue to work on that finger.
    Dispose of all porous tools and implements and gloves by double bagging and putting in outside bin, put non porous implements aside for sanitising and disinfecting.
    Disinfect surfaces, wash hands, new gloves, fresh set of tools and implements and a sheepish grin for my client 😉

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      Perfect answer haha, sheepish grin included 😀

  3. Get first aid kit and apply antiseptic cream with a disposable tool and apply a plaster
    Double bag & dispose of any porous or single use files & buffers used and throw it in a bin outside
    Sanitise & disinfect any non porous tools and wipe down surface & lamp
    Wear gloves for the rest of the service and skip that finger

    1. Nice work Mackenzie – super thorough

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