Mastering Hard Gel

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  1. Jayde Kruskopf


    Cuticle is clean and shows no sign of damage – yes
    No damage to the nail or skin from buffing – no

    Product application

    Product application is .5mm from cuticle – yes
    Product does not touch skin at all – no
    No Air Bubbles – no


    Lower arches are straight – yes
    Nails arch naturally from cuticle – yes
    Apex is correctly aligned – yes

    Barrel View

    All nails are thin – yes
    All nails are the same thickness – yes
    All nails have a well-shaped c-curve – yes
    The use of tips is not evident – yes


    Appropriate to natural nail bed – yes
    Same across all nails when viewed from palm – yes


    Side walls are parallel – yes
    Free edge is perpendicular to the side walls – yes
    Seamless blend with natural nail at cuticle – yes
    No visible angles in contour – yes


    Nail is shiny with no scratches or inconsistencies – yes
    No lifting caused by over-filing or flooding – no
    No damage to the natural nail or surrounding skin – no

    Which ONE thing are you most proud of?
    How god my structure turned out
    Which ONE thing will you focus on next time?
    to keep a light and steady hand when applying my enhancement
    For what reason might you use brush on gel under an enhancement?
    to prevent exothermic reactions, and to give more time for application

    1. Becca

      Great to see you working through this Jayde. I struggled with air bubbles in hard gel too. It helped me to remember to keep contact with the gel rather than lifting my brush off and then putting it back. Keep up the good work 🙂

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