The Theory of Nails

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  1. Heather Burnan

    Hi, thanks for the first vidoe. Just a little confused about the FB site. you said we need to go to the FB novice page to get the sample pages and also to do the consultation assessment but I am not sure where to go and how to get it?? Or do I just carry o scrolling through the course and find it on this site?

    1. Admin bar avatar

      Hi! The video for these section refers to sample client consultation forms, which are in lesson 2.7 as well as a Consultations Activity at 2.8 It also talks about the full Theory Assessment, which is linked here – You don’t need to do it yet, the video just talked about how you CAN go and look with no penalties if you want to know what you’re up against.

  2. Ninette Muller

    Hi Penny, just checking you have got my join request for the facebook group 🙂 as mine is still pending

    1. Admin bar avatar

      I clear requests Mon/Wed/Fri so will process yours tomorrow 🙂

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