The Theory of Nails

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  1. The link to single-use products does not load. It says it cannot reach the Monaco server. I am on a phone.

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      Thanks! Erin is going through and fixing these as we speak 🙂

  2. Please help, “single used product” can’t be reached.

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      Fixed 🙂

  3. What is your recommendation for the application of Paraffin Wax if not to apply with a brush?

    Dipping the whole hand or whole foot seems like there is a higher chance of contamination compared to using the brush.

    I have a paraffin kit and it came with a brush. Is it preferred to scoop some out of the wax melter into a cup and apply it with your gloved hands? Messy compared to the brush but I’d like to know the preferred way and if there is a disposable item that can be used to apply the wax with.

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      Dipping is definitely the best method for hands and feet. A layer of around 2-3mm will stay on the hand when it is drawn out of the wax so no wax that was touching the skin or any biohazards will remain in the warmer, it’s all on the client. The brush on the other hand would touch skin and then return to the warmer multiple times – a MUCH higher contamination risk. The brush is intended for use for facial applications. You could try scooping wax into a cup but it cools very quickly and would start to solidify as soon as it touched the cold cup.

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