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  1. Thek first image the nail tech’s neck is quite bended , this would lead to a sore neck.
    3rd image the nail tech’s necks seem more relaxed and not as bended.

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      Great spotting!

      1. image 1 the techs neck will be hurting, this would lead to a very sore neck and injuries if constantly in this position when doing clients

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    Image 1: The materials look well accessible within reach but posture her posture is hunched into her work.
    Image 2: The client chairs look like regular home arm chairs, don’t look easily sanitised or disinfected (if you can for that matter), stylist stools don’t look like they can all be lowered far enough and are filthy.
    Image 3: Stations look very clean and professional, all material well within reach, positioning of Techs posture is perfect.
    Image 4: Client station looks too low for the Tech to sit comfortably
    Image 5: Technician is hunched over and cross legged
    Image 6: Station looks like it could be heightened or lowered providing a comfortable position for both.
    Image 7: Unsure if basin is height adjustable, looks low to the ground

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      Awesome work Amie!

  3. 1. Technician is hunched over
    2.unsanitisable client chairs, also no where to put clients feet when working on them other than on your lap/thighs
    3 Looks a little cluttered, hazardous for tripping? How does the client get out of the chair?
    4 unsanitizeable client chairs, technician Sean doesn’t look like it’s height adjustable
    5 technician hunched over, legs crossed and wearing open toed slip on sandals
    6 station looks height adjustable, but maybe uncomfortable for client
    7 station looks pretty, but probably not practical

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      Spot on!

  4. Image 1: The nail technician is bent over, overall alignment would be very uncomfortable for any length of time.
    Image 2: The technicians stool does not offer any back support, the chairs that the client sits on does not appear to be commercial quality and the throw cushions + fabric covers would be difficult to sanitise & disinfect. There also does not appear to be anywhere for the client to rest their feet after the soak.
    Image 3: This set up appears well aligned, the technicians chair has good back support and the clients chair appears to be easy to clean. The foot rest for the client also appears to be at a good height.
    Image 4: The nail technicians stool does not offer any back support and it higher than the clients foot rest, there would be a lot of hunching over using this set up.
    Image 5: Cramped set up – Clients foot resting on technicians knee with technician crossed legs & bending over to complete service. This would be very uncomfortable.
    Image 6: Still no back support for the technician, client seat appears to be raised slightly which will aid posture for technician.
    Image 7: Client & technician will be at same level, however the leg rest appears to be adjustable which may assist the ergonomics.

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      Great work!

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    1. Tech is too hunched over but products in good reach and techs chair has back support.
    2. Tech stools have no back support, where do they put the products? Where the client walks!? Where do the feet do when they come out of the spa? The Tech will either have to lift the feet or hunch.
    3.This is perfect. I assume there is a gap on one side of the chair for the client to move easily and the angle of the photo makes it hard to see
    4.How does the client extend their leg that far over the tap to get to the footrest? It looks awkward. Also the Tech would have to hunch over and there is no backrest for them
    5.Tech is hunched, foot resting on her knee and legs crossed. Shell be sore after a day of this! Also her products aren’t in easy reach. The kidney dish that has her instruments is too far away.
    6.No back rest for tech but other than this it looks pretty good
    7. Love the aesthetic of the copper bowl. They use these at East Day Spa to soak your feet and sit cross legged on the floor. But it’s not great for doing a full pedicure. You would have to be sitting on the ground for the foot to be high enough not to hunch

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      Awesome observations!

      I didn’t know they sat on the floor! That gives me the heeby jeebies, hygiene-wise haha

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        Yes 🙂

  6. 1. Tech would end up with a pretty sore neck.
    2.would need to put disposable covers on chairs for each client, and liners in pedicure bowls. Stools have no back support.
    3.pretty good
    4.client sitting to low for tech to be comfortable.
    5.bad posture from tech, no towel over her knee either.
    6. Looks great!
    7. So nice, just need to be cleaned disinfected properly.

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      Good answers, but you’re too nice to them haha

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    Image 1 – Products are in good reach but tech is really hunched over and this will cause long term pain and injury
    Image 2 – No back support on the stools and I can’t see where they have their tools and products. Assuming they trolly them over but if not and they have them sitting on the step that is far from hygienic and good practices.
    Image 3 – Looks well set up with tech well positioned and foot stool in good position also. Both look comfortable
    Image 4 – The tech’s chair doesn’t appear to be height adjustable and looks much higher than it should be, therefore hunching and long term injury and pain could happen. Chairs don’t look like they can be sanitised
    Image 5 – A very uncomfortable looking set up with legs crossed and foot resting on techs knew EWW.
    Image 6 – Although no back support for the tech the client chair looks to be height adjustable

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      Spot on!

  8. 1. Nail Tech Hunched.
    2. Whilst the basins seem to be at a good height. I can’t see where the client would rest their feet to perform the service.
    3. Pretty good setup. Looks a little clutter though. It may be a trip hazard.
    4. The chairs seem a little low and spaced too far away. I feel like the client would have to have very long legs. Says the short legged girl, lol.
    5. No foot resting place. Seems a little uncomfortable for the tech to be crossing her legs all day.
    6. No back rest for the tech chair.
    7. Pretty, but too low.

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    1. Nail techs posture is not aligned properly to serve her clients pedicure.
    2. Marks and filth on the stool chairs which tells the cleaning standards are low and also no where for the client to place soaked feet after.
    3. Workspace looks clean and the techs posture of her body looks comfortable for her to work on her client.
    4. Foot baths look way to low, nail tech would be bending down to far and would create to much strain.
    5. NO crossed legs, and hunched back.
    6. Chair looks good for the client, but the tech could possibly get uncomfortable.
    7. Pretty bowls but not at the right height would need adjusting or changing.

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      Awesome additions to the observations 🙂

  10. Image 1 – Techs posture is way off, like, ouch.
    Image 2 – The client would be at a good height, no resting place for feet though, no backrest on techs chair, sanitization nightmare lol.
    Image 3 – I like this one, posture, chair, rest, hygeinic.. generally really good, I just get anxiety wondering how the tubs are cleaned.. lol but that might just be me >< but yes, as everyone else stated this would be incredibly uncomfortable for both client and tech, not to mention unprofessional.
    Image 6 – I like this chair, but it would be better if it was nice and soft as this looks hard. and the stool has no backrest, easy to sanitize though.
    Image 7 – probably fine for at home but not for lots of clients.

    1. sorry, I think my text overlapped – I don’t know why but my text stated image 4 / image 5 but disappeared when I submitted question.. so it looks like I’ve answered 3 questions for only image 3 lol!

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        Haha all good! I getcha 🙂

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      The anxiety is not just you haha

  11. Image 1 – The Technician is leaning too far forward in a hunched position
    Image 2 – The Client Chairs are unable to be satisfactorily cleaned and the Stools look to be too tall to work in a safe and ergonomic position.
    Image 3 – A well set up operation with a suitable foot rests, cleanable material on the chairs, and the Technicians seem to be at a ergonomic work height.
    Image 4 – The Chairs are unable to be satisfactorily cleaned due to their Linen material. They are also not ergonomically set up for the client to be comfortable for long. The foot rest attached to the stool puts the Technician in a hunched position to work over the clients foot therefore creating bad posture.
    Image 5 – The Technician has her legs crossed which is not recommended for good posture while working on a client. There isn’t a separate Foot rest for the clients foot to rest on while be attended to.
    Image 6 – This Chair arrangement looks to be practical and comfortable, the only recommendation would be to have a back rest on the Technicians Stool.
    Image 7 – This looks stunning but would need to be used in conjunction with a suitable client chair and low stool for the Technician.

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      Spot on 🙂

  12. Picture 1 – Technician is hunched over, very uncomfortable and strenuous on the back.
    Picture 2 – No sanitary spot for access to tools and materials.
    Picture 3 – Perfect for posture, accessible tools and materials which seem to be placed on a hygienic surface.
    Picture 4 – This looks extremely uncomfortable for the Technician no support for the back.
    Picture 5 – No crossing legs ! The technique in which you would have to use to be able to perform a pedicure on a client in this picture looks painful, very bad posture.
    Picture 6 – Has no back rest for Technician, the rest looks fine.
    Picture 7 – Gorgeous bowel how ever I am unsure if this would be practical. ( side note if it were copper, copper is antimicrobial, it has an inherent ability to kill a wide range of harmful microbes typically with in 2 hours or less ) not saying this is a self reliant sanitization just a fun fact lol

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      I love that fact too!

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    1. Tech is hunched over too much and will resort in a painful lower back,
    2. Chairs can’t be sanitised and it seems there’s nowhere for the Tech’s tools,
    3. Seems fine and looks comfy for both client and Tech,
    4. Again, chairs can’t be properly disinfected and the stools seem to be too high resorting in the Tech to be hunched over throughout service,
    5. Tech is bent too far forward and needs to put both feet down flat on the ground,
    6. Seems to be a good ratio to ensure tech is not hunched over during service,
    7. Would need to be raised so that the Tech has a stool to sit on and can work safely.

  14. 1. Tools and products look to be easily accessible by the nail tech. Although her chair looks to be too small pinching in at her hips, just about no back support on the chair itself. She is hunched over which can result in back and neck pain and or injury abs discomfort. The client looks to be supported well in the client she is in, and also the material and surface of the chair she is in looks to be non porous so can be sprayed down and left for 5 minutes to dry and clean.
    2. The clients chairs are wide and look comfortable at first view. However they are very close to the floor and look like the client would have not much support as the padding and cushions look squishy, I know personally I would just sink into that type of chair. The fabric on the chairs can be washed most likely but would not be able to be sprayed or wiped down for the surface to dry in 5-10 minutes. The nail techs chairs do not have any support in them except being able to sit on them. This meaning the nail tech can feel discomfort, which may cause an injury.
    3. Clients chairs look to have support, clients look happy and comfortable in the right position and posture. Again the material of the chairs can be sprayed and washed to dry. The nail tech has good posture no leaning, hunching of the back or neck. Have a back rest on the seat for support. And has all product and tools readily available within reach.
    4. Client chairs don’t look to have much support for their arms. No arm rests. Again nail techs chairs not support what so eve except being able to sit in them. Again the materials of the chair won’t dry in time for another client to come along. The towels are just lying about. Anyone could assume they have been left there from a previous client and for how long who knows and are they clean who knows. The stations for when nail tech to use doesn’t look to have much space for tools and products.
    5. The space in general looks to be cramped. There is better support here for the client in the chair she is in. Again chair looks as though it can be sprayed and cleaned to dry for the next client. The nail tech doesn’t have a supportive chair. Is just hunched over so not a great posture and has her legs crossed which can cause all sorts of pain and discomfort.
    6. Again surface of chair easier to clean. More support but this chair to me doesn’t look too comfortable almost looks hard to sit on. The chair looks adjustable which could help the client and nail tech. The foot rest alps looks too high for the nail tech chair. Although again no support for nail tech with this chair.
    7. Does the client have to stand? Looks like this station can be moved about. But isn’t depicted with any seating for the client. The bowl looks like is can be taken out which will help with cleaning and disinfecting. Not sure about this one and how practical this would be for the client and nail tech.

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      This is fantastic Laura! I’m so impressed! #7 you would have to supply a separate seating arrangement, but copper is antimicrobial so that’s an extra + for it 🙂

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    Image 1. Tech is hunched over, she is looking down and her neck will be sore, she also is not wearing any gloves for her protection.
    Image 2. Looks like a comfy height for the nail tech to be working but I wonder where the client will put there feet for any services performed and also those big basin tubs look heavy and dont think would be very easy to sanitise or disinfect.
    Image 3. Nail tech’s still have no gloves on for there protection, there products are very accessible they look to be in a good position and the clients also look comfortable. Chairs can be wiped down and tubs are obviously plumb in so they look easy to be able to disinfect.
    Image 4. Although this set up looks amazing, the cane chairs with soft covering cushions will be quite hard to sanitise and disinfect the bowls are also plumb with the tap being to close would be able to be disinfected quite easily. the foot rest maybe good for the client but as for the tech she will be in a hunched over position with her chair being so high and I’m not sure how you could even get through a pedicure in that position without being in pain.
    Image 5. This space seems very clinical. the chair can be easily cleaned, client dosn’t really look like they are there for comfort or pampering. Nail tech is extremely hunched over and with crossed legs is not in a very good position, still no gloves.
    Image 6. This set up does look amazing, Client can still be comfy and the nail tech has the abillity to adjust her seat to suit but would also be good if the chair had a back on it for support. All the equipment is easily cleaned.
    Image 7. Portable soaking basin and foot rest. Ease of having the client stationed in a comfy chair and are able to have a chair suitable to work from. All equipment is able to sanitised and disinfected with ease.

  16. Image 1. Nail tech is hunched too far forward into her work, her back would get very sore! Tech has no gloves on and the client still has her shoes on?? (not sure if that is normal or not…) lol
    Image 2. Nail Tech Chairs have no back support and the client chairs don’t look suitable for a salon.
    Image 3. Looks clean and products are in a reachable place but one of the technicians looks like they are distracted, a little too low and uncomfortable. No gloves on either.
    Image 4. Looks gorgeous but would be hard to clean. Looks like the tech would be sitting far away and in an uncomfortable position.
    Image 5. Techs legs are crossed and back is very bent. Foot resting on the knee looks very unhygienic.
    Image 6. Looks comfortable and adjustable for client but no back support for tech.
    Image 7. Looks more suitable for home not the salon.

  17. Image 1 client still has shoes on the technician is very bent over and not wearing gloves.. Image 2 looks very nice but those chairs may be very hard to clean properly…Image3 the tech looks distracted by chatting to her fellow co worker and no gloves.. Image 5 the tech has her legs crossed very hunched over..Image 6 the chair looks like it can be adjusted up or down

  18. 1. Nail tech hunched over, bad for posture. Good to see a back on technician chair though.
    2. Chairs would be hard to keep clean and feet using water not something I am interested in.
    3. Good to see backs on the technician chair. Not keen on water basin area for foot. Looks a good height though.
    4. Again chairs hard to clean and no armrest. Have to stretch legs a log way to be reached by a technician. Doesn’t look too comfortable.
    5. Not conducive to good posture for the technician. Not sure I would be comfortable have feet done while sitting in a towel?
    6. Looks an easy chair to clean and appears a good if you can adjust the height of the footrest. Would be hard on technicians back if did too many in a row.
    7. Looks very impractical.

  19. Image 1: The client looks well supported, has a good back and arm support. The chair the client is sitting on looks to be non porous which is good as it can be sanitised (a sprits of hospital-grade disinfectant spray will sanitise the chair for next client. The tech is hunched over, which isn’t good as it will cause pain injury or discomfort due to poor posture, she is also working on client with no gloves which isn’t safe or sanitary. Let’s say you had already done a consultation on clients feet before hand, it is always good to remember feet can carry all kinds of germs/bacteria. Not only is gloves good for clients safety, it is also useful to protect techs hands and nails. Her tools are placed in a good spot for easy access.
    Image 2: The chair looks comfortable but I don’t think it is inappropriate for a nail salon setting. The chair material is porous, which means it can easily absorb liquids. Hygiene and sanitary wise it won’t be ideally good for the next client. There is also no proper station for tools/equipment, the techs stool also doesn’t have a back support; which will cause bad posture and discomfort. I can see a spot inside the foot spa to rest feet after its been soaked, but it looks really small, can cause some discomfort for client.
    Image 3: The client looks well supported, good back and arm support, again the chair is non-porous – can be sanitised for the next client. The techs stool has good back support and the tech themselves have good posture (spine is at a 90 degree angle, feet are not crossed, and placed flat on ground and keeping thighs parallel to the floor). Also, tools are close to her side for easy access and reach so she isn’t really using much force and movement. Only problem, tech isn’t wearing gloves during service – not sanitary.
    Image 4: Again chair is similar to chair in image 2: porous – cannot be sanitised. No place for tools and the techs chair has no back support and is way to high. Which means tech will most likely hunch down to work on clients feet, not good for posture.
    Image 5: Clients looks supported (back and arms) the chair also is non- porous – can be sanitised. However, if by accident the lever of chair was accidentally released the chair could slide – thus creating a hazard for client. The tech, for starters is hunching over which will cause pain to neck and back and also the chair doesn’t have any back support. The tech is crossing legs – this is not good. Posture is very important, tech will need to keep feet flat on floor. Crossing her feet causes discomfort in body after a period of time. Also looks like tools are on table on far right; this isn’t good as it can cause her to lean to one side forcefully throughout service, which again can cause pain, injury, discomfort.
    Image 6: The chair is non-porous – can be sanitised. It has good back, arm and neck support. However quality wise; it looks to hard for client to feel comfortable. Also the distance of where the clients feet will be placed after soaked and soaked is really far apart, again creating some discomfort for client when placing feet very high up. The techs chair doesn’t have back support.
    Image 7: Can be sanitised, also can be removed for further cleaning. However, I think this will be more suited for hime. Carrying a bowl in a salon with heaps of people can cause a hazard especially when water is split.

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      Amazing detail! Well done!

  20. 1 . Tech is hunched over
    2. .Client chairs by the look don’t think you can sanitise. and the client setup stations are bit too close to each other?
    3. Can see apples in the 3rd picture, if not fake fruit, food shouldn’t be allowed. A splash of water can get on the apples during the service, can’t adjust the heights of the chairs.
    4. . No foot stool as tech using her lap/knees, to hold client’s foot, also bending over

  21. Apples not in the 3rd but 4th picture

  22. 1: the nail tech is hunched over causing strain on her neck and back.
    2: fabric chairs will be hard to sanitise and disinfect.
    3: better seating for nail tech, cluttered for clients, how do they get in?
    4:fabric chairs will be hard to sanitise and disinfect, nail tech chair not adjustable so they will be hunched.
    5: client needs to be higher so nail tech isn’t hunched.
    6: both client and techs chairs are adjustable, but clients chair needs to higher or on a platform so tech isn’t hunched.
    7: foot rest doesn’t feel high enough from basin.

  23. The first image, gives me backache just looking at it so it can’t be any good for the nail tech. For me I feel image six would be the most comfortable for both nail tech and client as they look adjustable. Not having to reach more than 30cms for items is great for image three! The second image is a worry as it looks so dirty and the stool would not be good for the nail techs back. There is no support and the basin has nowhere for the client to put their feet.

  24. 1- Would the clients reading material have to be cleaned? Technician is hunched which will end up causing strain. Technicians chair has back support and her tools are in good reach.
    2- The client chairs look like they would be hard to sanitize and disinfect. Also, technician chairs have no back support.
    3- Clients look comfortable. Technicians have their backs supported and are at a good height. Area looks clean, tools are within good reach and the technicians have good posture.
    4- Client chairs have no arm rests, the height of the technicians chair looks too high, so technicians will have to hunch over to do their work. Not sure where their equipment goes?
    5- Tech has poor posture, crossed legs and her area looks a little crowded.
    6- The seats would need to be adjusted to correct heights and the technicians chair would need some support.
    7- Looks like it needs extra parts??

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      During the pandemic, lots of salons have removed magazines from their salons specifically because they can’t be cleaned and the virus can sit on surfaces for up to 72 hours.

      1. Good to know!

  25. In some of the photos, the technicians have a hunched back. In image 5 the technician has her legs crossed as well. Functionality and the ability to keep some of the stations clean are questionable. As for image number 6, the equipment looks great, I would hope it is available in white, however, is probably easy to clean, and is really functional to boot. The last image with the copper foot bowl is it functional? I wonder if it is adjustable?

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      Functional but not adjustable 🙂

  26. Image No.1 She is going to strain her neck, she should sit up right and move to a upright position.
    Image No.2 They’ll have to reach more then 30cm for product and there no where for the clients to put there feet, so the technician will have to use their lap instead which will make them arch instead of being upright at 90 degrees. All the technicians should be sitting at 90 degree angle and should have their clients feet on a foot rest and they shouldn’t have to reach too far for their products.

  27. 1. Comfortable for client but not good for nail technician. She might get a back and neck pain.
    2. Client chair is not comfortable and there is no place for the client to put her feet.
    3. This position is comfortable for client and nail technician and easy to work with tools.
    4. This position is too low for clients and chair is not comfortable for both.
    5. Good position for client and need a foot rest so she can work easily with client.
    6. Technician chair need back support and she might be adjusted chair for client.
    7. Hard to disinfected copper bowl.

  28. Image 1- client has her jandals on right on the towel and I’m sure the tech will have touched them to move her foot around – really unhygienic and also a waste as the tech probably cleaned her feet at the start of the service
    Tech also super hunched over – my back hurts just looking at her!

    Image 2- Linen chairs – are those covers that could be washed and replaced? Otherwise we can’t clean or disinfect those
    Otherwise the set up is probably the right height for a tech – good height on the stool so legs and hips can be neutral, and good height on the bowl / platform so their back can be neutral too

    Image 3 – everyone looks very comfortable except the stools are too low to the ground so the techs hips are lower than their knees which will likely strain their lower backs – however upper back, neck and heads all look to be in good positions

    Image 4- Leg rests look adjustable which would be great – however the chairs again look unwashable / disinfectable!

    Image 5- Poor Tech! Hunched over, crossed legs, tools quite far away (and probably a naked client!!) – must be very uncomfortable!

    Image 6- Everything looks adjustable in this setup – stool can go higher and I *Think* the leg rest can go higher? So the tech can be in a neutral position! Hopefully this is right next to an easy to reach pedicure station for tools / solutions / creams etc

    Image 7- Looks super low to the ground (but pretty!) and will likely cause strain on the tech

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      The naked client gets me every time – SO weird!

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