The Theory of Nails

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  1. Hi Penny
    Hope you can suggest. I currently work from a space i rent insidr another business, hope that makes sense..this is quite a big space howecer i domt have a dust extration table or equipment in place. Usually we have the ac on and doors are closed. I just started not long ago so i dont have a huge clientele base
    What would your reccomendation be??
    ThNks heaps

    1. Admin bar avatar

      Hi! My recommendation would always be to do the safest thing possible. If you can afford extraction, it’s the safest way. If you can’t, and your clientele is minimal, it can wait a bit longer 🙂

  2. I will take a note of that advice for the future 😊

  3. Hi Penny – just wondering if you think those desktop dust collection units are worth it or at least better than nothing? They seem like a good idea for directing heavy dust but obviously won’t catch vapour or fine dust. Ideally I’d love an aerovex but obviously at >2.5k it will need to wait, so I’m thinking N95 mask, dust collector and open windows for now.


    1. Admin bar avatar

      I think the Valentino Beauty Pure, Cosmeticair, Emendee… those big expensive brands – are good and worth their price. I don’t personally think the cheapies are worth it but if you see one second hand on the Buy Swap Sell pages, they’re worth trialling 🙂

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