The Theory of Nails

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  1. Just wanted to make sure I understand this right, polymers share the same name because a polymer is the finished, solid result, in dust or bead form of the polymerisation process of the initiator molecule and monomer? I think I’m over reading it and getting confused

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      A polymer is a long tight chain of monomers, which when tangled with lots of other polymers, looks and feels like a solid. Polymer Powder, or what we often refer to as Polymer for short, is the powder we use for Acrylic and Dip Nails. It’s made by adding a solvent to the polymerisation process that causes the solid to split into tiny beads which look and feel like powder to us. So the powder has the same name as the chemical chain because it is made of polymers and we shorten the term ‘polymer powder’. Hope that helps 🙂

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