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  1. can you use the dipping system on top of acrylic extension?

    1. Technically you could, but its likely the dipping powder would make the final product quite thick. A thinner product like gel polish or traditional polish to add colour to an acrylic will give a much thinner finish – and take less time to complete. Dipping powder is known for its strength and adhesion – which when applied on top of acrylic becomes irrelevant.

  2. I may have missed information somewhere, but:
    1. what is a monomer?
    2. With acrylics and polygel why do you start at the tip of the nail and work backwards rather than the other way? and
    3. Can you also thin out acrylics the same way as polygel?


    1. Hey Sally – all of your questions are covered in a lot more detail later in the course. This video is just here to help give you an overview of each of the different systems, and modules covered with the Foundation Certificate, and what they all mean!

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