The Theory of Nails

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  1. Mamta Behl

    Hi, How can we save notes then?

    1. Admin bar avatar

      You can make notes yourself in a notebook, but you can’t print or copy this workbook, just like you can’t print or copy real books.

  2. Rachael George

    If the information is used for the purpose of learning this doesn’t make it copyright does it ? I would have thought that the course material has been purchased for the purpose of achieving qualification therefore could be used in hard copy to study and research? Organise learning and assist with passing assessments ? I don’t quite understand how printing information to learn is a copyright breach. This would only be if it was used to set up another online training group wouldn’t it ?

    1. Admin bar avatar

      Materials can be used for ‘private study’ in accordance with copyright law. We ask that you don’t print or screenshot because we have had past experiences of our training materials being shared amongst multiple staff in a salon while only one employee actually qualifies.

  3. Rachael George

    I do appreciate that if people do that then they are not being honest with the study content and which is why I mentioned that it should surely be ok to print work for the purposes of studying for this course. I can’t speak for anyone who is dishonest or lacks integrity around the workbook content – but it’s good to know this is what you’re referring to Penny 🙂

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