The Theory of Nails

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    Julianne Stolte

    Will the info on what is required for portfolio pics come up with each module when its due? and can we still see examples ?

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      Yes, you will see lessons that say, for example, ‘Applying Forms – Portfolio Submission’ and when you click ‘Start’ it will say –

      “You must take four specific photos of the set and upload them below by clicking ‘Choose Files’. Examples of the photos required are shown in the Submissions Guide document linked below.

      The following conditions will cause your Portfolio Submission to be denied –

      Duplicate Photos
      Photos that are out of focus
      Photos previously submitted by another student
      All submissions must show both hands of a full set. You can not submit one hand only.”

      – it also has a link to examples, to the Submissions Guide, and to the Portfolio Checklist 🙂

  2. Rachael George

    Hi Penny I’m trying to access the example links and I keep getting link broken or no longer available- are they on the Facebook page?

    Thank you ????

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      They are, and the links are working for me so I don’t know how to fix them for you 🙁

  3. Ratha Morrison

    Hi Penny, today i got to practice traditional polish on my mum for the first time, how do i summit my work for my portfolio ?

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      In the Manicures and Pedicures Module, under ‘Traditional Polish Manicure – Portfolio Submission’

  4. Gurinderjeet Kaur

    Hi Penny, how many sets of each do we need to submit for portfolio?

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      One 🙂

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