The Theory of Nails

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  1. I just want to check before having a crack, if i do the actual theory exam and fail i can resit as many times as i like?

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      Yup, well, once every 12 hours for 12 months, so 735 chances 🙂

  2. Hello, I’m a bit confused is there a practice exam we can take? I know I’ve read about practicing for the final theory exam but is it the one marked ‘theory assessment’ or is it somewhere else ? Thank you 😊

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      There are Practice Assessments at the end of this Module

  3. Or is it exactly as referred to up top? We can resist that assessment every 12
    Hours and will that affect us in any way?

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      You can ALSO attempt the real assessment every 12 hours and we only record the attempt that passes

  4. Do we have to pass all the 3 practical assessments before we move to the actual assessment ?

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      Not at all, they’re just there for your benefit

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