The Theory of Nails

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  1. Heather Burnan

    Hi there,
    where do you get the downloads for the consultation sheets? (first video)

  2. Ratha Morrison

    Hi Penny, i am a new online student, i really enjoyed my first online lesson with you. I still don’t really know much about all the nail products like you mentioned in the consultation video such as gel, acrylic. what the different between them and how long they last ? is there a link somewhere i can get in to read more about nail products to get a better knowledge for clients consultation and recommendation.

    1. Admin bar avatar

      Hi! We have a YouTube video coming out in a few weeks on the difference between each product but for now, you’ll only really be recommending the services you know how to do, so you’ll learn about them as you go 🙂 The video is coming though!

  3. shanel karepa

    Hi Penny, It says to find the assessment in the novice and grads fb page in the pinned posts but I don’t know how to find the pinned posts once on the fb page?

    1. Admin bar avatar

      It’s the top post, called an Announcement or similar (FB likes to change things), but I’ve tagged you in it too 🙂

  4. Stephanie Robertson

    Not a question but want to give a shout out as someone with an avocado contact allergy but who is not allergic to latex. Avacado oil is in TONNES of beauty products these days so totally worth explicitly adding to lists of potential allergens.

    1. Stephanie Greville

      Hey Stephanie!
      Awesome point – its always great to hear not only our personal experiences but also from clients to understand allergies to common ingredients, so thanks for pointing this one out!!

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