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  1. solnailsnz

    What are three things you’ve absolutely nailed in this Module?

    1. Legally setting up thanks to these awesome, clear instructions

    2. Banking and taking payments

    3. Set up for Tax through HNRY

    What are three things you really need to continue to work on?
    1. Saving money

    2. Insurance!

    3. Keeping a hold of ALL orders and receipts

    What are three things that really surprised you?

    1. ACC!

    2. The differences between Sole Trader and Company

    3. What you can claim on expenses

    What are three things you will never forget?

    1. Tax deadlines

    2. Claiming courses as business expenses

    3. Insurance issues

    What advice would you give to a newbie starting this Module?

    1. Get an accountant!

    1. Stephanie Greville

      Great advice! Sometimes students think accountants can be too expensive or only for big businesses, but they know their stuff!

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