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  1. Jayde Kruskopf


    Length is the same across all nails (look from the palm side of the hand) – yes
    Free edge is perpendicular to the side walls – yes
    Cuticle is clean and shows no sign of damage – yes
    No damage to the nail or skin from buffing – no
    Nail is shiny with no scratches or inconsistencies – yes

    Product application

    Product application is .5mm from cuticle (no more, no less) – yes
    Product does not touch skin at all – no
    Smooth line around Eponychium – yes
    Streak Free – yes
    Thin application – yes

    Specific to Pre-Formed Soft Gel Extensions

    Tip application is straight and not crooked – yes
    No gaps on either side of the tip, exposing the natural nail – no
    Straight lower arches (no jump from tip to natural nail at any point, which would indicate an ill-fitting or crooked tip) – no
    No flooding at the eponychium – no
    No flooding at the hyponychium – no
    No air bubbles – no

    Which ONE thing are you most proud of?
    getting a smooth application without air bubbles

    Which ONE thing will you focus on next time?
    being more confident with choosing my sizes

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      Nicole Leatham

      Hi Jayde! How fun are Gel Ons?! Great to see you got a smooth application with no air bubbles AND no flooding at the hyponichium – these can be super tricky to master with Gel Ons. I have no doubt your confidence in sizing the tips will come with practice. The more you do this service the easier you’ll find this šŸ™‚ Amazing stuff! ^Nicole

  2. Amanda Jefferson

    Better adhesion to natural nail ratio, some adhesion left underneath the tip at the free edge.
    Contouring to cuticle.

    1. Becca

      Nice work Amanda! That excess adhesive takes a while to get right, you’ll totally get there.

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This Post Has 4 Questions

  1. yvonne

    which online course would i need to do to learn to apply shellac ?

  2. Bella

    Iā€™m trying to add on the kit how much is it

    1. Admin bar avatar
      Nicole Leatham

      Hi Bella. The soft gel extensions kit is $249+gst. We are currently out of stock of this but you can select the products that are in the kit separately to build your own kit. The only thing in the kit that can’t be purchased separately is the mini lamp (its exclusive to the kit)- but we do stock the Z Lamp which will allow for hands free curing & work in the same way.

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